‘The Voice’: 14-Year-Old Levi Watkins Wins Big in Battle Round

The Voice‘s Levi Watkins wows judges during the first round. Now he continues to wow them in the battle rounds.

Levi was paired with Jamal Corrie, who didn’t quite make it. Their coach Blake Shelton had a hard choice to make, but he feels good about going with Levi Watkins. Continue reading to learn what’s happening now.

The Voice: Who Is Levi Watkins and Where Is He From?

The Voice’s 14-year-old Levi Watkins is from Birmingham, Alabama. In the latest episode, he jokes about Los Angeles not having any plastic straws. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. Coming from a southern state where paper straws haven’t made their entrance, it’s a whole new world in LA.

Levi Watkins might seem a little out of place in the big city. But what isn’t out of its element in Los Angels and on The Voice is Levi’s killer voice and smooth sound. This young gentleman didn’t have much of a social media footprint before coming on the show.

You will see that Levi is a kind and caring person with his post about helping charity Never Thirst.

The Voice: Levi Watkins

Levi Watkins Battles for His Place on The Voice

Levi Watkins wasn’t leaving anything on the table. The song was a little different than the song Soul Sisters he chose for the blind auditions. But even still, Levi was able to take Counting Stars and make it work for his voice. His battle buddy Jamal put his heart and soul into the performance too, but there was too much jumping around to bring the win home.

When it came down to choose, everyone on The Voice is talking about Levi Watkins. One of the main things people reference is his age. The coaches said they don’t want to keep bringing it up, but it is something to note. There is a lot of room for his and his voice to grow.

It is decision time and Blake looks like he is hurting because it’s so difficult. Finally, he makes his move and picks Levi Watkins.

The Voice: Levi Watkins

Still In It to Win It and More Determined Than Ever

Fans can’t help but fall in love with young Levi Watkins. Not only is he a great singer, but he’s got a magnetic personality people can’t get enough of. Even though Levi comes off as a very sweet person, you can tell he is more determined than ever to make it the rest of the way in the competition.

While we are still up in the air about when the live shows are going to happen because of The Voice suspension, when the time does come, fans are sure he is going to take the stage by storm. Will Levi have his mandolin that he learned to play especially for The Voice at the live audition or will he go to his main instrument, the guitar? We will have to wait to find out.

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