‘The Sinner’ New Episodes: Why 13-Year-Old Julian Poisons ‘Parents’ With Licorice-Smelling Jimsonweed

The Sinner on USA Network began its second season with an opening episode bang. The story centers around 13-year-old Julian Walker (Elisha Henig). The Sinner viewers were left asking themselves, “What would make a 13-year-old boy kill his parents?” Instead of an ax like Lizzie Borden used, Julian’s weapon of choice was Jimsonweed. Now Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is back in his rural New York hometown, helping out a new detective. And on the hunt for the “why” behind Julian’s shocking double murder crime.

Julian’s family had a car breakdown after it hit something on the way to Niagara Falls. The death took place in a motel, room #13, an ominous foreboding. “They had to go back to the beginning,” Julian Walker explained about his parents’ violent death. Then he began breathing heavily and freaking out. “You,” it seemed as though his ‘mother’ said, whilst dying.

The Sinner‘s 13-year-old killer – Julian Walker

Harry is going to dig deep to find out why Julian Walker would kill his mom and dad. Vera (Carrie Coon) is going to mysteriously stand in his way or help him. But it is Elisha’s Julian – Henig is an actor born on poison tastes like licorice? Not necessarily, according to the Decoder.

Julian admitted to Harry he knew the poisoned tea would kill his parents in the second season’s premiere episode of The Sinner. The young teen almost told Harry something about his mother, but stopped. “Why can’t I just go home?” Julian asked.


Julian Walker, Jimsonweed, new The Sinner cult secret

Julian’s ‘mom’ seemed to be the one to calm her son. They sang a sweet song together in bed hours before her death. Julian Walker carried the poisonous cups of toxic nightshade tea, hearing his parents have sex right inside the door. But his ‘mom’ had no ID in her wallet, and another woman would appear, saying she was Julian’s mom.

“Shadow Julian is you,” a therapist tells Julian in a flashback. “When he comes knocking, what are you supposed to do?” he is asked. “I let him in,” Julian answers, a Scientology-like light flashing on a loud machine in the background. More flashbacks of a burning home haunt Harry’s mind as he investigates.

Jimsonweed Julian Mystery

Plenty of mystery surrounds Julian and his parents. There was no suitcase packed for Julian on the trip. They didn’t pack a toothbrush. No underwear for Julian. No plans to take Julian along much longer? IndieWire reports that the use of poison in The Sinner prompted deaths a bit faster than real life. But the decision to use it was intentional.

Future The Sinner episodes hint that Julian is part of a cult.

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