‘The Shop’ HBO Videos: Drake on Kanye West’s Evil, KiKi Link Up, Son’s Photo, Rihanna, Chris Brown

The Shop on HBO showed Drake spilling his secrets and soul to LeBron James and Maverick Carter. He didn’t hold back when it came to talk of Kanye West and Pusha T. The beef between Kanye and Drake was outlined on HBO’s The Shop, as seen in the below 7-minute plus long video.

The Shop: Kanye’s evil manipulation of Drake

Kanye lured Drake to Wyoming with promises of dad bonding. “Sold me on this whole speech about being in a great place, I’m Quincy Jones, I’m a father,” Drake said of Kanye on The Shop. “Tell me when you’re dropping. Be transparent,” Kanye begged, admitting Drake didn’t like doing such things. He told The Shop he had about 60% of his Scorpion album done by that point.

“Yo, you gotta come to Wyoming,” Kanye implored Drake. Record producer Noah “40”James Shebib went early and warned Drake something was amiss with Kanye. “This guy’s working on an album,” 40 said. “He just told me he wanted to give me beats. Kanye said he wasn’t dropping until October,” Drake said on The Shop. He spent the majority of his time writing for Kanye in Wyoming.

Drake showed Kanye a photo of baby Adonis

No member of the public has seen the face of Drake’s son, Adonis. But Pusha T blasted Drake, helped by Kanye West, Drake told LeBron James and Maverick Carter on The ShopPusha T’s “Story Of Adidon” broke the news about Drake’s baby. “This was a manipulative I wanna break you thing,” Drake said about the song.

However, it wasn’t talk of Drake being a “deadbeat” dad nor his parents that crossed the line. “Wishing death on my friend who has MS,” Drake said about 40’s MS condition.  “I just believed then and believe now there a price you have to pay for that.” He said somebody will likely punch Kanye or Pusha T in the face for a diss track that went too far.

Drake’s rare The Shop interview with King James

The “Mob Ties” singer rarely does interviews. Therefore, the secrets disclosed on The Shop and how Drake turned Kanye’s manipulation around made the videos trend on Twitter. “Lift Yourself” comes out with him talking nonsense, he said of Kanye. “This guy’s trolling me. I started distancing myself again. I know what this is. Diss song towards me that’s talking about writing and I was just there with you as friends,” Drake sounded incredulous.

Yet and still, Drake called Kanye’s machinations a “hell of a chess move.” But the “song was trash.” Drake had a decision to make: “Go all the way filthy or fall back?”

“Tryin’ to drain me for my energy.”

The “Jaded” rapper said he wrote the worst diss track of all time. The former Degrassi High actor instead “took that energy and put it into me.” LeBron asked Maverick about their favorite lyrics that were born out of that melee. “I’m sick of these n*@*$s, hire some help. Get rid of these n*@*$s.”

Indeed, Drake put his Pusha T/Kanye research away. Instead, he wrote “Nonstop” and “Mob Ties” and “In My Feelings” and “8 Out of 10.” Some of the best Scorpion songs were birthed out of that attempt to stop him. “Man this is dark,” he said of Kanye’s energy. Evil.


Kanye/Drake “Sicko Mode” line about Kim Kardashian?

The bars that Drake spat in “Sicko Mode” allegedly about Kim Kardashian were alluded to in the energy poured out after Kanye’s betrayal. The Calabasas neighbors allegedly prompted Drake to rhyme, “I still got scores to settle, man I crept down the block. Made a right. Cut the lights. Paid the price.”

However, now that Drake admitted not penning “In My Feelings” until after the beef with Kanye West, rumors are flying. The “KiKi” mentioned in “In My Feelings” could very well represent Kim Kardashian.  Recent episodes of KUWTK feature Kim’s frustration with Kanye. And the above response from Kanye about Drake mentioning KiKi add fuel to that fire.

Drake trusts LeBron, Chris Brown

In spite of what Kanye did to Drake, it didn’t stop the “Finesse” singer from trusting others. “I hope I don’t let you down with my decision to not respond,” Drake texted LeBron during the melee. The singer/rapper knows hip hop artists thrive off a competitive nature. But “there are f*$@ing rules. They had to add the deadbeat thing to make it more appealing. Mom and Dad thing.” 

However, wishing death on a defenseless, sick person dying in the hospital was a rap bridge too far. Drake showed LeBron a photo of his baby son Adonis on #TheShopHBO, in a move that shows how much Drake trusts the NBA player.


HBO’s The Shop: Exit stage left with grace

In the end, Drake wants to finish his career with grace, on a high note. He doesn’t want to overstay his welcome nor get addicted to fame. LeBron told his “brother” Drake that it helps to have people around you who aren’t afraid to tell you when to leave the spotlight.

Additionally, LeBron advised Drake on The Shop to keep people around who knew him from the beginning. “You can’t have motherf*$&%^s around you that don’t keep it honest with you and keep it real,” LeBron advised. Meanwhile, Drake spoke about not having the fairytale ending with Rihanna as the mother of his child. And recently, he brought Chris Brown onstage to perform with him.

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