‘The Radkes’ Spoilers: Social Media Star Melissa Radke’s New Show Premieres This Summer

The Radkes spoilers reveal that Melissa Radke‘s new show will premiere on June 4. She and the rest of her family will be shown in their hometown of Lufkin, Texas. While Melissa is known for her hilarious Facebook videos on parenting and other relatable topics. She has also garnered fame from her first book Eat Cake, Be Brave that was released last year. And now you can follow along with the whole loud Radke family in the new USA show.

The Radkes: Melissa Radke’s Claim to Fame

Melissa Radke’s rise to fame began in 2016 when she posted her first video on Facebook. But her views didn’t start climbing until about a year later in 2017. Suddenly, some of her posts were reaching a million views and people could not get enough of the Texas mother of two.

Melissa’s videos are just real, raw and honest and she is not ashamed to be who she is. And she spreads a message of being brave and unafraid to be who you are. Now, she even has a book, a blog and of course, her first television show The Radkes that will air on the USA Network.

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Meet The Family

The Radkes are a loud, fun-loving family of four from Lufkin, Texas. Melissa Radke is married to David, who she calls, “the Attorney General,” in the best kind of way. According to Melissa, David is a lot of fun and lets the rules slide sometimes. But he also occausionally has to remind her where she left her car keys. And sometimes her pants, too.

The loving couple have two children together: Remi and Rocco.  Remi is the older of the two at 12, while Rocca is 9-years-old. Melissa describes Remi as a “daddy’s girl,” but admits that she takes after her mommy in the personality department. Rocco, on the other hand, balances Remi out. His mom says he is kind, gentle and sweet, “like his daddy.”

Watch The Entire Radke Family This June

Get a special look at the entire family when The Radkes inaugural season begins this summer. The unscripted 30-minute episode series is sure to be raw, hilarious and a party all-around. While they will be trying to spread their values of faith, family, and community, there will definitely some hiccups along the way. See how Melissa and the rest of her family live, when the new USA Network show premieres on June 4.

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