‘The Masked Singer’: The Identity of the Raccoon Revealed

The Masked Singer unmasked The Raccoon as it’s third victim on the show’s fifth season. Who hides under the mask shocks judges and fans because no one knew who to expect.

The Masked Singer: The Raccoon Gets Face-Off

The Masked Singer star The Raccoon is now saying goodbye after being the third character voted off the show. He made it past round one, but fans didn’t like his second performance. The judges scrambled to try and figure out who was under the helmet, but no one was able to pin him down. The people they do guess have partnered with The Raccoon in the past. The audience erupted in awe when he took his head off.

The raspy voice of The Raccoon was no match for the other competing alongside him. While he made it past Kermit the Frog and his reveal from The Snail, he didn’t make it very far. Group A, now missing two members, grows just a bit smaller. When the mask came off, it was revealed that Danny Trejo was the one singing all along.

The Masked Singer: The Raccoon - Niecy Nash

FOX’s Masked Star Clue’s

The Masked Singer has had The Raccoon on for two episodes. Currently, the show is going off of an A and B rotation. The Raccoon is part of rotation A. The clues he gives are good but still left the judges stumped. The Raccoon talks about his rise to fame and how he tried so hard to be a good fighter. He started training actors and then became one himself.

He says he had no business being a big Hollywood star. Danny Trejo takes away his mask and fans cheered. The judges had no clue what to think. None of them had guessed him, but everyone they had guessed worked with Danny. He is one of the biggest names to be a part of the acting world, and he says he has a blast doing the show.

The Masked Singer: Danny Trejo

The Masked Singer: The Raccoon’s Performance

The Raccoon from The Masked Singer gave it his all but was no match to the rest of his competitors. He wasn’t going to leave without trying to get the attention of his favorite judge. Jenny McCarthy blushed as The Raccoon sang to her and got down on one knee for her. The Raccoon sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. His background dancers held up wanted posters of Jenny as they danced behind him.

So far, The Masked Singer is down 3 people. Kermit the Frog, Caitlyn Jenner, and Danny Trejo. Some of the most famous people in Hollywood have left the show, and who knows who else is going to be revealed next?

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