‘The Masked Singer’: The Phoenix Revealed As One of the Jenner Girls?

The Masked Singer unmasked The Phoenix in episode two, and the person hiding in the outgoing suit is known for being outgoing. Was the suit hiding a Jenner girl?

The Masked Singer: Who is The Phoenix?

The Masked Singer star The Phoenix has been unmasked after her first song on the stage. But she is not too sad because now she can head back to the golf course. The judges on the show were on to her at first. Singing may not be what she is best at, but she really gave it her all. When the mask came off, jaws couldn’t stay up. The time for the Phoenix has ended.

The Masked Singer has already unmasked a true star for the first episode. Kermit the Frog is The Snail. Now the next person getting the boot is very famous as well. When the mask came off, Caitlyn Jenner was standing there. And judges were so happy to see her smiling face. But not surprised to see her.

The Masked Singer: The Phoenix - Niecy Nash

FOX’s Masked Idols

The Masked Singer says goodbye to The Phoenix the first time Group B takes the stage. She gave it her all with a great performance. The clues she gave to help people decipher who she is were very telling. She talks about how she has been on the cover of many magazines but hid behind a mask all her life. The Phoenix even talks about how she shoots for the stars to become a superhero.

She loved her dad very much and looked up to him even though she isn’t sure he would approve of the person she has become. But she is happy with who she is now and feels comfortable in her skin. Another telling clue is at the end of the clue video, where smaller birds surrounded her. This gave away that the Phoenix has a huge family.

The Masked Singer: Caitlyn Jenner

The Masked Singer: The Phoenix Performs

The Phoenix from The Masked Singer sang her heart out during the second episode of the song. She sang her own version of “Tiktok” by Ke$ha. She came on the stage, wowing the audience, appearing out of a tornado of fire. The Phoenix danced around and had smaller birds flying around the stage behind her. When it was revealed that Caitlyn Jenner was behind the mask, everyone saw why she had chosen that outfit.

The Masked Singer has only revealed two characters so far, and it seems like their most star-studded lineup yet. Kermit the Frog and Caitlyn Jenner are two people who have very accomplished careers. How will their competitors compete? Who will they unmask next time?

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