‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 3: New Teaser Trailer – Ragnar Says ‘Let It Begin’

The Last Kingdom fans have waited for any news, now Ragnar says “Let It Begin” in a teaser trailer. With TLK Season 3 having no set release date, all fans can do is wait. Today (October 18), that wait is rewarded. A new teaser dropped via the official TLK Twitter page. Over the last few months, rumors and speculation have been making the rounds. Everything from Uhtred’s new look to Bernard Cornwell’s cameo have been hot topics. With the release of this latest teaser, there will be much more to discuss.

The Last Kingdom Season 3 Teaser Revealed

Fans of Netflix’s adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s novels can rest assured. While the guttural cry of “Shield Wall!” has not been heard since last season, that familiar call to arms will return once the new season premieres. The teaser is only half a minute long. That said, what it lacks in length, it makes up for in terms of packing a punch. Right from the outset, fan-favorite characters like King Alfred can be seen gearing up for war. The battle between Saxon and Dane looks to be at an all-time high. Despite King Alfred’s victory over brothers Erik and Sigefrid in The Last Kingdom Season 2, the conflict isn’t slowing down.

Lines blur for both characters and viewers in TLK

One thing that The Last Kingdom does well is portray both sides of the conflict in a sympathetic manner. It’s very easy to identify with Uhtred’s struggle, for example. Being born a Saxon and raised a Dane, Uhtred is constantly caught in the middle, torn between both cultures and ways of life. His loyalty is tested as he questions his own allegiances. It’s this struggle that’s at the heart of the narrative.

In the same way that Uhtred exists in a sort of grey area, good and evil aren’t so clear-cut in The Last Kingdom. The show does a great job of humanizing both sides and allowing viewers to identify with both. It’s this duality that really sets this show apart. It’s clear from the teaser that viewers will be presented with the same dilemma when the new season premieres.

Ragnar’s Revenge in The Last Kingdom Season 2

The last we saw of Uhtred and company in the second season of The Last Kingdom, a number of significant things happened. The most significant event was Ragnar finally avenging his father’s death. The consistent plot point driving the story for the first two seasons of TLK was the need for Ragnar’s sons to avenge his death by killing Kjartan. Uhtred’s loyalties were tested throughout the season. He had his own aims to pursue. That said, the one thing he never wavered on no matter who he fought for (or against) was helping Ragnar avenge their father. Seeing Kjartan meet his end via Ragnar’s axe is one of the most fulfilling moments of the entire series.

It’s fitting that after such an epic dish of revenge was served cold and bloody at the end of Ragnar’s axe, the new teaser ends with him. After a montage of blood and destruction, Ragnar ends the teaser with a simple statement: “Let it begin.” This sentiment is shared among TLK fans as they wait for the new season to premiere on Netflix.

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