‘The Family Chantel’ Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Lies to Chantel – What Secret is He Keeping?

The Family Chantel spoilers tease Pedro Jimeno going behind Chantel Everett‘s back. He tells his wife he’s working. But, he goes to see an immigration lawyer. He wants to bring mother Lidia Jimeno and sister Nicole Jimeno to the United States. In addition, he isn’t honest with his wife. On top of this, he gets some bad news from an immigration lawyer. What’s the latest?

The Family Chantel Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Goes Behind Chantel Everett’s Back

It’s no secret there’s already a lot of bad blood between the feuding families. The Family Chantel have had it out for Pedro Jimeno since his explosive physical confrontation with her brother River Everett. Meanwhile, Pedro Jimeno’s family want him to kick his wife to the curb as well. It seems Pedro pours gasoline on the dumpster fire by going behind his spouse’s back.

Things were already tense following the confrontation in the most recent episode. The Family Chantel ambushed Pedro Jimeno in his home. This was after Chantel Everett told them what happened in the Dominican Republic.

Chantel’s mother Karen Everett even threatened the foreign man with a taser. Is Pedro digging himself a deeper hole? There’s also the fact that Chantel Everett doesn’t get along with his mother and sister.


The Family Chantel: Bad News for Pedro

Spoilers show Pedro Jimeno sees an immigration lawyer about getting his family on American soil. It turns out he needs to be an American citizen to get his mother and sister to the United States. At this point in The Family Chantel, Pedro isn’t an American citizen. Certainly, it looks like he put the cart before the horse in this instance.

There is one loophole in this scenario, however. The lawyer reveals he can sponsor his relatives if he’s married to an American citizen. The rub is Chantel Everett would have to be in the loop. She would have to actively participate to move the process along. Chantel Everett doesn’t even know Pedro wants to bring his kin over. Her agreeing to help is another matter entirely.

Does This Secret Drive Another Wedge in the Relationship?

It’s clear Pedro Jimeno is keeping a big secret from his wife. In fact, when Chantel Everett suggests family counseling, Pedro only agrees to get his wife in his corner. He admits he is going to need her support when his secret is revealed and things hit the fan. Spoilers reveal the Georgia woman doesn’t take kindly to the news at all.

In a recent interview, the husband and wife teased high drama this season on the TLC spinoff. It seems this issue will be a major source of drama moving forward. Will it be enough to tear the couple apart for good?

The divorce chatter surfaced once again following the Happily Ever After Tell All. The Dominican man joked and said divorce is the secret to being happy. The drama backstage spilled over onto the couch as well. In addition, Pedro recently told his wife he’d bail on her once he has his 10-year green card in hand. Is the end of the line approaching for this pair?

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