‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Jimeno Meets Sister Nicole’s Boyfriend – Mom Disapproves Relationship

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno meets his sister Nicole Jimeno Morel‘s new boyfriend, Alejandro, for the first time in the upcoming season. However, Nicole is against them meeting without her being there. But, when it comes to meeting the Jimenos, Alejandro doesn’t make a good first impression. He reveals surprising information to Pedro and doesn’t get a warm welcome from their mom. Will there be a future for Nicole and Alejandro on this 90 Day Fiance spinoff?

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno Sits Down with Alejandro

The Family Chantel teaser reveals that Pedro Jimeno finds out that his sister has a boyfriend. Nicole Jimeno Morel is dating a man named Alejandro, who is also from the Dominican Republic. However, Alejandro currently lives in America. Nicole doesn’t want her brother to meet her boyfriend without her being there. She says that the idea of the two meeting each other without her “feels worse.”

However, The Family Chantel reality star doesn’t listen to his sister. Previews of the new season follow Pedro Jimeno as he goes behind Nicole Jimeno’s back and meets Alejandro. And he doesn’t go alone. His wife, Chantel Everett, is by his side as he sits down with his sister’s boyfriend for the first time.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett - Alejandro

Pedro Finds Out Shocking News – Nicole Jimeno Morel Lying to Him?

During the meet up between Pedro Jimeno and Alejandro, shocking information is revealed. The Family Chantel castmate says, “bro you kidding to me, no” to his sister’s boyfriend. Alejandro replies, “I’m not kidding with you” back. Whatever the news is, Pedro was not expecting it. And, he doesn’t waste any time letting his sister know that she has some explaining to do.

The Family Chantel spoilers show Pedro Jimeno confronting Nicole Jimeno over a video call. He calls her a liar and says that she is “full of lies” in Spanish. However, he doesn’t say what Nicole is lying about. But, she does have a guilty look on her face. And, it seems like she may be keeping a secret from her brother. Pedro then says to his sister in his native language, “you really like hiding things.”

The Family Chantel: Lidia Jimeno - Nicole Jimeno - Alejandro

The Family Chantel: Nicole’s Boyfriend Meets Mom

This season, Nicole Jimeno has a special guest visit her in the Dominican Republic, and this time it’s not her brother. Her boyfriend, Alejandro, is in town. Nicole looks happy as she welcomes him to the country at the airport. Now it is the moment of truth for Alejandro. He will be meeting the Jimeno siblings’ mother, Lidia. Fans know that she can be a hard woman to please.

The Family Chantel sneak peeks reveal that Nicole Jimeno’s mom disapproves of her relationship. Lidia tells her daughter that “he’s not the man” for her. She then gets upset and throws Alejandro’s suitcase out of her apartment. Nicole screams as she tells her mom that she broke her boyfriend’s perfume bottle. Could Pedro Jimeno have told his mother what he found out from Alejandro before she met him, causing her to hate him already?

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