‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro Jimeno Can Be All Yours This Christmas

The Family Chantel celeb Pedro Jimeno (Chantel Everett’s 90 Day Fiance husband) recently revealed the best Christmas present for any fan of his TLC show. This holiday season fans may get the chance to have Pedro all to themselves, at least a version of him.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno & Chantel Everett’s Weekend Getaway in New York

Fans saw on The Family Chantel as Pedro Jimeno and his wife Chantel Everett took a New York City trip. The trip was supposed to be a graduation gift for Chantel. However, she didn’t end up graduating. But, they went on the trip anyway. Chantel wanted the trip to be a romantic getaway and for Pedro to make the focus be on her. According to her, she and Pedro haven’t been intimate lately. Pedro feared that his wife forgot about his “platano.”

Yet, the main event for The Family Chantel couple’s trip to the Big Apple was meeting Nicole Jimeno’s boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett met up with Alejandro at a diner. Right away, Pedro didn’t like how cocky he was or that he seems to paint his beard. But, he got the shocking news that Alejandro was still in a marriage. Pedro felt like his sister was keeping secrets from him and their mother. However, he didn’t waste any time confronting his sister about her boyfriend having a wife.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno

90 Day Fiance: Pedro Goes Plastic in Time for the Holidays

Despite the family drama, Pedro Jimeno got exciting news. The Family Chantel star has gone plastic and had a vinyl figure created of himself. Pedro said that he is “thankful” for the special edition doll. The company that made the figure gave it the name, “King Platano.” The 90 Day Fiance star’s plastic version is wearing his signature shirt and pants outfit and a cowboy hat. The doll is also holding a “platano” (a banana) in his hand.

Now The Family Chantel fans will get the chance to play with Pedro Jimeno. It will make the perfect Christmas gift for any 90 Day Fiance viewer. Although, it is not clear if these dolls will be for sale or if it was custom-made for Pedro himself. But, will Pedro be gifting his spouse Chantel Everett a doll of himself for Christmas?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett - Pedro Jimeno

What’s Next for The Family Chantel Celebs?

In this season of The Family Chantel, there is a lot of drama going on in the Jimeno and Everett family. For once, the two families are not going head to head but dealing with issues within their own family. Pedro Jimeno and his mother are dealing with Nicole Jimeno being in a relationship with a man who is in a marriage with another woman.

On the other hand, Chantel Everett and the Everetts welcomed a new member to the family. The oldest Everett son, Royal Everett, moved back to Atlanta with his foreign wife, Angenette. In the latest episode, the Everett family makes their way to the Philippines to attend Royal and Angenette’s wedding.

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