‘The Curse of Oak Island’: Rick and Marty Lagina Get Taste of Treasure as Centuries-Old Ring Unearthed?

The Curse of Oak Island stars Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina have come a long way in their quest for the treasure as pieces fall into place. When the next episode, “Lords of the Ring” rolls out Tuesday night fans will find an enthusiastic team led by the brother Lagina.

The Curse of Oak Island: New Finds For Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina

The winter weather looms as The Curse of Oak Island treasure hunters fight against time. Once the winter season rolls into Oak Island, the treasure hunt goes on hold. But several new finds point to the possibility of an ancient Spanish treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island cast is closer than ever before to prove a treasure does exist. So if it looks like Rick Lagina, his brother Marty Lagina, and the rest of the searchers are in high-gear, you’d be correct.

With several new finds, they’re at a spot that seemingly promises more. But time runs short so the pressure is on. Lord of the Rings brings at least three new finds for the Lagina brothers.

The Curse of Oak Island Crew

Rather a Creepy Find

The excavating unearths a rather creepy find, a human bone. With part of The Curse of Oak Island, being an actual curse, this has to make them a bit uneasy.

This curse didn’t stop Marty and Rick but it still lurks anyone attempting to find the treasure. So, unearthing a human bone seems to follow suit with The Curse of Oak Island. But that’s not all they find.

What the Lagina brother’s team uncovers gives them a huge spike in enthusiasm. In the preview you hear someone shout – “It’s a component of the original treasure shaft. That’s enough to make these treasure hunters look up from their tasks and take notice.

What they do find looks like the bottom of a barrel, indicating they’re on the right track. But one finding could lead them to the mother lode of this treasure and it fits in the palm of a hand.

One of the most promising pieces yet when it comes to locating this treasure of folklore is pulled out of the earth. That’s after it’s located via the metal detector.

The Curse of Oak Island - The Island

The Curse of Oak Island: Top Pocket Find

The Curse of Oak Island crew really perks up when they uncover a piece that they call a “top pocket find”. Rick Lagina and Gary Drayton examine a ring, one that sent that beautiful music of chirps and beeps through the metal detector.

They find a ring that looks quite ancient. Preliminary reports suggest it’s a Spanish ring that dates somewhere before 1730. It’s old and just what they wanted… a sign that legendary treasure quite possibly exists.

Will the ring be part of the treasure that goes along with centuries of legends around this island. Tune in Tuesday night to the History Channel and watch the new episode “Lord of the Ring” to find out.

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