‘The Curse of Oak Island’: Rick and Marty Lagina in Fever-Pitch after New Discoveries

The Curse of Oak Island treasure hunters Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina go way beyond their predecessors looking for the buried treasure of legends. Equipped with modern-day technology, theories, and even folklore, the hunt is on.

The Lagina brothers and their crew discovered something new on just about every episode on this History Channel series. This week, Rick gets amped up over the discoveries and he takes some risks.

The Curse of Oak Island: Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina Inspired

The previews for this week’s episode on Tuesday night’s The Curse Of Oak Island suggest Rick Lagina and his sibling Marty Lagina work against the clock. Time ticks away for the investigation on the uplands at Smith Cove.

With all the new leads, Rick feels closer than ever to that legendary vast fortune this week on The Curse of Oak Island. So, as time runs out for their Smith Cove probe, Rick Lagina takes risks and goes to the extreme.

Fans will see the treasure hunter take dangerous measures. He’s on a mission to get the end results that date back to his childhood dreams. The Curse of Oak Island amps up with evidence and mysterious finds.

The theories of the Oak Island treasure began with a legend. With the most popular theory of how the treasure came to be buried on Oak Island coming from events centuries ago. So, the Lagina brothers follow the tracks through time dating all the way back to the 17th century.

Captain Kidd’s Treasure – A Kid’s Dream Hunt

You can understand how an 11-year-old Rick became mesmerized with Oak Island back in 1965. It was a story in Reader’s Digest that started his life-long infatuation with Oak Island. Can you imagine fulfilling your childhood dream with The Curse of Oak Island series?

Once you hear who supposedly buried a treasure worth millions in gold you understand why a kid would find this intriguing. Legend has it the buried treasure was put there by none other than the pirate, Captain Kidd.

It was a sailor from Captain Kidd’s crew who relinquished the secret on his death bed. This is the story that came down through history. Young Rick Lagina couldn’t get that treasure out of his thoughts.

Then a few years later, his dad showed him and his brother Marty Lagina an article about the mysterious Oak Island. That article came out of the Wall Street Journal. The result – Rick became hooked for life. That’s the foundation of The Curse of Oak Island.

This infatuation never left Rick, who is a retired postal worker and now a star on The Curse of Oak Island. So with the help of his brother, Marty, the two embarked on this treasure hunt along with setting down roots on the island.

The Curse of Oak Island – Centuries-Old Mystery

Along with looking for the buried riches, these brothers do more on this parcel of land surrounded by ocean. Both Rick Lagina and his brother Marty Lagina own part of a business on Oak Island.

The brothers don’t own all of Oak Island, but they are in a business partnership which includes Oak Island Tours Incorporated. According to recent reports, the business owns approximately 78 percent of the mysterious island. The other 18 percent of the island belongs to private citizens.

The History Channel filmed their quest for this treasure starring Rick and Marty Lagina. The show grabs the viewer’s attention as so much intrigue comes along with this hunt.

The legend indicates a curse, bestowed upon this treasure. So, The Curse of Oak Island show was born. That curse is also on their minds as they navigate the island for the mother lode.

Now in its seventh season, The Curse of Oak Island mystery it looks more and more like they could solve this mystery. The swamp offered up enticing clues and just might hold the evidence to solve the centuries-old mystery.

The actual curse of the island claims that seven people will die before the treasure is found. So, it looks like you need the mindset of a skeptic to go on this hunt.

Documents indicate 14 people have died on the island, which dates back centuries ago. But they have to be involved in the hunt for the treasure to count toward that legend.

The Curse Of Oak Island airs on the History Channel Tuesdays at 9 pm EST.

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