‘The Blended Bunch’: Erica Shemwell Pregnant with Baby #12?

The Blended Bunch star Erica Shemwell talks about how she wants a really big family. While she’s birthed seven children and taken on another four, she’s sharing exciting news about adding baby #12 to the family.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell Talks Family

On The Blended Bunch, Erica Shemwell is opening up about how she wants a big family. Her first husband, Tony, also was interested in having a big family. So, after being married for ten years, they ended up having seven kids together. However, things became difficult for Erica after she and her husband learned about his brain tumor. While fighting hard to beat cancer, Erica felt the need to take on the physical and emotional needs of her husband and her children.

As a result, Erica from The Blended Bunch says she feels terrified because she knows she’s unable to meet everyone’s needs. However, she marries Spencer Shemwell. Spencer Shemwell lost his wife and his unborn baby after a terrible car accident. Their vehicle was t-boned by another driver. Also, Spencer has four kids.

After meeting, Spencer and Erica Shemwell got married. The Blended Bunch stars brought their two families together, so now they’re working on raising eleven children. However, Spencer’s a business owner, so he doesn’t have a lot of free time. This leaves Erica alone to focus on raising both of their babies.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell

 Stressed Mom Locks Herself in Room

While filming The Blended Bunch, Erica Shemwell says there are days where things get to be too much. Erica takes her eleven kids to the store, so they can buy supplies to decorate their rooms with. On this trip, Erica’s brother Quinn comes along to help.

Quinn from TBB pulls Erica aside to talk to her. He asks her how she’s doing and how she’s managing taking care of eleven kids. Also, he admits that he thinks the number of children she’s got is too many. Then, she admits there are days where she locks herself into her bedroom. This is so she can relax and eat chocolate, to help her get through the day.

The Blended Bunch: Erica Shemwell

The Blended Bunch: Is Erica Shemwell Pregnant With Baby #12?

Erica Shemwell from The Blended Bunch is sharing exciting news with her parents. She holds onto her stomach as she and her second husband, Spencer Shemwell, take a step outside to talk to her brother and her parents. She announces she’s got exciting news to share with her parents. Her parents and siblings get nervous, as they reveal it’s normally a pregnancy announcement she’s sharing when she says those words.

However, Erica from The Blended Bunch says she isn’t pregnant with another baby. Instead, she and Spencer Shemwell are both looking to adopt each other’s children.

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