‘The Biggest Loser’: Host Bob Harper’s Heart Attack on the Mind of Viewers This Season

The Biggest Loser star Bob Harper suffered a major heart attack during the four-years this weight-loss show was off the air. Bob Harper, 51, started out as a trainer when The Biggest Loser aired on NBC. But for the 17th and final season on the NBC network, Bob hosted this weight-loss show.

Now he’s back as host of The Biggest Loser. But this time on the USA Network. Bob’s heart attack had nothing at all to do with the show. He suffered from heart failure while exercising at a gym, which is something he does daily. This major health scare occurred in 2017 when The Biggest Loser was no longer on the air. Bob was only in his late forties at the time.

Biggest Loser: Bob Harper Suffers Near-Fatal Heart Attack

The Biggest Loser 2020 host, Bob Harper, embarked on his own exercise workout at the time his heart seized-up on him. But Bob didn’t just exercise. He took it to the extreme. Extreme exercise seems to also be part of The Biggest Loser. The trainers push the contestants to do more even when they want to stop. While this sounds similar to Bob’s own routine, it’s not anymore. It sounds as if he takes things slower these days.

The Biggest Loser host changed his routine, he explains how he slowed down and learned to relax. A walk with the dogs is sometimes the exercise workout he prefers. Bob Harper has not only taken up reading some of the old classic novels, but he’s also enjoying the relaxation that comes along with this.

Bob Harper also does hot yoga, which is an extreme version of the meditation exercise. It’s done under hot and humid conditions and results in extreme sweating. He also uses meditation as part of his wellness regime.

Contestants Pushed to Extreme Limits

Last Tuesday the first episode of The Biggest Loser rolled out. Contestants still seemed pushed to the point of throwing up during exercise. Bob Harper explained how this show is improved because it’s more oriented toward the well-being of the mind and body of the contestants. But after the premiere show, critics didn’t see this. Instead, they saw the old version with very few significant changes.

While some of the contestants are listed in their twenties and thirties, there’s no age mentioned for the few of them who look older. Watching these 12 obese men and women starting off their exercise regime in full force had some viewers concerned. How many people heard their own doctor tell them to start things slow and easy with a new exercise plan?

Even though the 17 seasons of the NBC version of the show drew 5 million to 10 million viewers, it suddenly disappeared from the air. The reason cited for the sudden demise was offered by The Biggest Loser’s Doctor Robert Huizenga.

Back in 2017, they pulled the show from prime-time lineup due to “recent bad publicity”. So, what was The Biggest Loser bad publicity all about?

The show was like an extreme boot camp for weight loss. The trainers screamed at the contestants like military drill sergeants. Critics called the treatment fat-shaming and belittling to the obese people on the show looking for help with their weight loss.

The contestants continued the exercise even after vomiting. But that didn’t seem to change as contestants vomited on new The Biggest Loser on the USA Network. Allegations emerged while the show aired on NBC that the extreme diet and exercise caused health problems for a number of contestants.

Biggest Loser: Demise of NBC Version After Bad Publicity

Still, the bad publicity was out there. It wasn’t long before the show became bombarded with finger-pointing. This was the end of The Biggest Loser on NBC. But, now Bob Harper hosts a reboot of the show.

It seems they did away with contestants rewarded with food. Critics saw this as a demeaning element of the NBC show. Another noted improvement – no longer vote these obese contestants off the show. The person who goes home each week is The Biggest Loser contestant who lost the least percentage of their body weight.

Despite the likable Bob Harper at the helm, people still see this rebooted and improved The Biggest Loser as demeaning and just plain awful when it comes to the treatment of these 12 obese people. Viewers worry all this stress and extreme exercise look like a recipe for a heart attack especially for someone who is obese.

In a recent interview, Bob stated that his genetic-based problem caused his heart attack. He may have been able to avoid that near-fatal health crisis if he’ been aware of this beforehand.

But with Bob Harper learning to take things a bit slower after suffering a heart attack, this seems to clash with what is going on during The Biggest Loser for some of the show’s critics out there.

Catch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights by tuning into USA Network.

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