‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Throws in the Towel – Tired of Pettiness

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Hannah Brown is ready to throw in the towel this season. She soon gets weary of the all pettiness occurring among her men. Looks like the former Miss Alabama will be in drama overload. She witnessed a ton of drama this season with the men. The constant bickering among her fellas is driving her stir crazy. So much so, she’ll nearly call it quits. But, not before she expresses her feelings, and tells the men to get it together. Hannah Beast never hesitates to say what’s bothering her. Therefore, she’ll always reveal her truth.

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown Says No More

In the cliffhanger for the next episode, Hannah B reveals she feels “defeated” by all the men. Apparently, the pettiness of these men has wrecked her mind. The Bachelorette wants to focus on love and finding her soul mate. However, many of the men focus more on each other rather than the pageant queen. Their trash talk and antics are exhausting her, it seems.

Show host Chris Harrison will have a discussion with Hannah Brown. He will ask her if she’ll be able to continue filming. Her disgust with the guys will threaten the future of the competition. But, apparently The Bachelorette agrees to move forward. Previews for the remainder of the season reveal her journey won’t stop here. So, Hannah B is determined to find her future husband.

Luke Parker – The Pot Stirrer

It’s no secret that Luke Parker is the focal point for controversy this season. The men in The Bachelorette mansion despise him. Things took a turn for the worst when he body slammed another contestant during a rugby game – that was Luke Stone. In addition, he tarnished his image by telling Hannah bad things about the other Luke. Additionally, Luke said he loved Hannah Brown after only knowing her a couple days.  is confession rattled cast members.

Nobody believed him. However, The Bachelorette seemed to believe he was genuine. Initially, at least. But, over time she began to doubt his sincerity. Hannah gradually became more skeptical as time passed. Luke P increased his aggression and demanded more alone time with her. However, his boldness didn’t sit well with the Roll Tide queen. She insisted Luke Parker roll right out the door. The Bachelorette will not see a future with him. That pleases the other men.

True Love or Bust for The Bachelorette?

After all the drama settles down, Hannah B will indeed continue her quest for love. She will find a way to let love rule. She’ll even carry Luke P along for the ride. But, only for a little while. Spoilers reveal he’ll be eliminated during the fantasy suite episode. However, he will continue to polarize the other love hopeful cast members. Including Hannah Brown.

All in all, Hannah Brown gets her fairytale ending, according to leaks from this season. She’ll fall madly in love, and leave the drama behind her. But, she’ll face plenty of bumps in the road in the process. Fortunately, her frustration will only be temporary. Apparently, love is worth fighting for on The Bachelorette. Stay tuned to ABC to see Hannah’s love journey Monday nights at 8/7pm central.

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