‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Ventures to Hometowns

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal Hannah Brown will venture off to the top four contestants’ hometowns on the upcoming episode. The former Miss Alabama, Hannah Brown, will grow closer to finding her dream guy. But, will she see warning signs during hometown visits? Will she question her decisions based upon her interactions with family members?

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown‘s Hometown Dates

The Bachelorette spoilers show Hannah Brown will soon decide which man she wants to begin a future with. However, she must first travel to hometowns. Usually on this particular episode, deep truths are revealed, and big decisions are made. The men will have a chance to present themselves from a different angle. 

In addition, loved ones are able to meet The Bachelorette and vouch for their family member. Sometimes it goes well. Other times, not so much. In any event, Hannah Brown will receive helpful insight about the character of each man.

Hannah Brown: Love in Nashville

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown have been smitten since day one. The Nashville singer stole her heart with his southern charm and smooth guitar sounds. Their first kiss was magical. They’ve had 2 one-on-one dates and several groups dates. 

The Bachelorette has continually shown Jed favor throughout the season. On the most recent episode, Hannah revealed she was falling in love with Jed. Lucky guy. He’s the first guy she’s revealed her deep emotions to.

During the hometown date episode, Jed Wyatt’s mother will express reservations. She’ll be reluctant about the entire ordeal. In addition, she’ll mention Jed’s career as a singer, and her reluctancy to believe he’s ready for love. So, how will The Bachelorette handle it all?

The Origins of Luke

It’s no secret, Luke Parker has had a tough journey. None of the men like him. He’s constantly arguing with the men, and running back to Hannah Brown. Many of the bachelors believe he’s insincere. But, The Bachelorette continues to keep him around despite the constant bickering.

During his hometown date to Gainesville, GA, he will inform his family about his rocky road. His folks will be appalled at the news of his journey and behavior. In addition, they will try to persuade Hannah of his true character. Luke will continue to state he hasn’t felt comfortable being himself, and the other men misjudged his true character. 

The Bachelorette Spoilers: Tough Decisions Ahead

The last two men, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron will receive their hometown dates this week as well. Hannah will travel to Westlake Village, California with Peter. Then, she’ll journey to Jupiter, Florida with Tyler. Both men will advance to the next round. 

Tyler’s connection with The Bachelorette is undeniable. The duo became hot and heavy rather early. However, Tyler quickly revealed there was more to him than his good looks. He recently engaged in deep convo with Hannah, revealing his family history and previous girlfriends. His honesty impressed the former beauty queen.

Peter Weber’s chemistry with Hannah was obvious from the start. Whenever the pair are together, they’re usually engaging in a passionate kiss. However, in addition to being physical, Hannah is drawn to Peter’s kindness. He’s a hopeless romantic. He always manages to make Hannah feel special.

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