‘The Bachelorette’: Luke Stone Thinks Hannah Fooled by Luke Parker

The Bachelorette contestant Luke Stone believes Hannah Brown was fooled. His rival, Luke Parker, was able to successfully convince Hannah that the other Luke wasn’t there for the right reasons. As a result, things ended harshly. Luke Stone quit the series. An extreme upset for The Bachelor fans.

The Bachelorette: Luke Stone Betrayed

The Bachelorette cast member Luke Stone said Hannah Brown was manipulated. Another contestant, Luke Parker, fed her lies about his character. She questioned him once she heard the gossip. Stone tried to reveal his truth and save his reputation. However, he was not successful. The damage was already done.

On the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, The two Lukes clash. The scuffle started during a game of rugby. Parker body slammed Stone and then proceeded to knee him in the head. However, Luke Parker said it was an accident. But Luke Stone called him a liar and a psychopath.

The Battle Between Stone and Parker

The rugby altercation carried over into the cocktail party. Things got intense. The men exchanged damaging words. In addition, Luke P. continued to speak badly about his rival. So much that the rest of the cast noticed. Fortunately, the other men stood up for Luke S. But, unfortunately it was too late.

During a private conversation, Luke Parker told The Bachelorette the other Luke wasn’t there for the right reasons. He said he was there only to promote his new wine business. So, of course, Hannah became skeptical. She had a hard time believing both men.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, The Bachelorette invited both men to speak with her. But, nothing was resolved. In fact, more drama ensued and Hannah walked away. The two men continued to argue, and nothing improved. Therefore, later on that evening, Luke Stone eliminated himself. His actions baffled fans.

The Bachelorette: Luke S – No Regrets

In a recent interview, Luke Stone revealed his reasons for jumping ship. He said The Bachelorette did not trust him. In addition, he believes she was easily manipulated. Therefore, he felt the need to leave. Trust is very important in a relationship. Without trust, a couple will not survive. Therefore, Hannah and his relationship was unlikely to do well.

Additionally, Stone said he is a calm and reserved man. So he was very uncomfortable with the constant bickering. It was totally out of his character. Watching himself on TV was also difficult. But, leaving the show was a must.

Fans will never know if he may have received a rose. Many viewers believe Luke Parker should’ve left instead. He was the catalyst for the drama. Therefore, viewers believe The Bachelorette shouldn’t have granted him a rose. Luckily, he received the last one. But, his journey will be permanently scarred by the situation.

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