‘The Bachelorette’ LEAK: Six Men Eliminated/Cut Before The First Episode Ends

The Bachelorette news reveals several of Hannah Brown’s potential suitors have been cut or eliminated. Three got eliminated or failed to make to cut. While the other three did not seem properly vetted. Cyberstalking and aggressive behavior cost one man his spot. Another was cut after Twitter slammed him for having anger issues. And the last might have dropped out because of an embarrassing video.

Matt Dione Cut For Harassing Women Online

Production for Bachelorette vets every contestant but some things slip through the cracks sometimes. However, many Bachelor fans dug up dirt on the male contestants and posted it on social media causing their early elimination. Which is exactly what happened with Matt Dione.

A Twitter user posted screenshots of DMs that Matt had supposedly sent her. She claims she did not respond to him, and he kept harassing her with more messages. This went on for what she said to be about 2 years. Several other people commented that the contestant Bachelorette did similar things to them in the past.

Joe Romeo Responds To Cut From Bachelorette

Another eliminated contestant recorded a response video. In the clip, he shares the bad news to family and friends. Joe was cut from The Bachelorette after being revealed as one of the new bachelors of season 15 when fans slammed him on Twitter for anger issues. It did not take production long to kick him from the show.

In the video, Joe reasons he got cut because of the anger issue accusations. He adds it might be because they stereotyped him as a typical, “Staten Island guido.”

Sammy Maniscalco Dropped Out

According to Reality Steve, Sammy Maniscalco had dropped out of The Bachelorette before it started. It is not confirmed, but the rumor is an old embarrassing video of Sammy resurfaced. The video is a rap by the Bradley Braves basketball team. It is a tribute to 1985 Like Bears Shufflin VIdeo. At the 1:54-minute mark Sammy does a rap of his own that could be what caused him to quit.

The Bachelorette: Thomas Stanton, Joe B, and Ryan Spirko Are Not Going Far

The circumstances behind Thomas Stanton and Joe B’s early exits from The Bachelorette are unknown. But they will definitely not be gracing the TV for long if they made it to the first episode.

It is possible that one or both met Hannah Brown and she did not feel the spark. Or production might just have cut them for other reasons. Thomas is a 27-year-old from Michigan, 30-year-old Joe comes from Chicago and Ryan Spirko, 25, from Philadelphia. See the rest of the eligible bachelors Hannah has to choose from when the show premieres on May 13!

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