‘The Bachelorette’: Chris Harrison Wants Answers From Jed Wyatt About Ex During ATFR

The Bachelorette finalist Jed Wyatt has been in hot water over coming on the show and Chris Harrison seeks answers. Jed had a girlfriend who expected him to come back to her after it was over. Haley Stevens exposed their relationship when Jed started to fall in love with Hannah Brown and he ghosted her. But Jed has yet to actually confirm or deny any of the allegations despite the amount of proof. Which is why Chris Harrison is hoping to get answers at the After The Final Rose show.

The Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt Exposed By Ex-Girlfriend

Jed Wyatt admitted to Bachelorette Hannah Brown that he was originally there for the wrong reasons. He came on the show to promote his music career but no one ever thought he had left a girlfriend behind. Haley Stevens said she was, “in love” with Jed Wyatt when he left for the show.

But Jed started to develop feelings and ghosted Haley, who was devastated after he promised that it wouldn’t happen. So, she took to social media in order to expose him for completely dropping her for the Alabama pageant queen. And it quickly made its way around the Bachelorette fandom and then the world!

Jed Speaks Out — But Not About Ex

While Jed finally broke his silence, it wasn’t to admit the truth about leaving his ex to go on the show. It was to inform people about how the situation has been affecting his friends, family and himself. He reportedly received threatening phone calls and letters. Plus, people verbally attacked his parents in public, reportedly.

He also pleaded that people understand the effects this had on the the other contestants on The Bachelorette and Hannah Brown herself. Jed continued to thank everyone that held out on judging him or contact him in support. He asked for people to be patient and kind until he can talk freely.

The Bachelorette: Chris Harrison Demands Answers

This has been the biggest scandal by far to happen in the show’s season 15. It’s gotten more attention than even Luke Parker’s relentless chasing and tormenting of Hannah Brown. Yet, Jed Wyatt has still refrained from touching on the subject of his ex and Chris Harrison wants answers from the aspiring musician.

Ones that he hopes to get during the After The Final Rose episode where all the guys and Hannah are back in one place. Viewers want to hear Jed’s side to the story.

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