‘The Bachelor’: What Happened to Kirpa Sudick’s Chin?

The Bachelor contestant Kirpa Sudick showed up with a bandaged chin on Monday night’s episode. The bachelorette appeared fine on previous episodes, however in Thailand, she mysteriously became injured. So what happened?

The Bachelor: Kirpa Sudick’s Mystery Chin Injury

Kirpa Sudick is one of the top 13 contestants. She’s been fortunate enough to travel across the world to Thailand with Colton. However, fans were quite perplexed by the random bandage on her chin. At the beginning of the show, the bandage was not present. However, as time progressed, viewers noticed the obvious change. ABC didn’t actually air what happened on The Bachelor episode. Therefore, fans were left wondering how she injured her chin.

What Happened to Kirpa Sudick’s Chin!

On her Instagram page, Kirpa Sudick addressed the bandage on her chin. The bachelorette states upon arriving to Thailand, she was in awe with the scenery. Therefore, she decided to attempt to take a picture in front of the sunset. However, it had recently rained. So the rocks were quite slippery. As a result, Kirpa slipped on the rocks. She attempted to break her fall using her hand, however she was unsuccessful. Instead, she badly scraped her chin and sprained her wrist.

The bachelorette was taken to the nearest medical center and treated for her minor injuries. In addition, she received five stitches for her chin. Luckily, she was still able to attend the remaining events for The Bachelor episode. She was able to go on the group date, as well as attend the cocktail parties as well. Fortunately, her injuries did not affect her ability to participate. The Bachelor contestant didn’t allow a little pain to stop her from pursuing Colton Underwood.

Twitter exploded with tweets Monday night regarding the band-aid on her chin. The beauty herself commented on it as well. She also appeared to think it was quite humorous.

The Bachelor: Who is Kirpa Sudick?

Kirpa Sudick is a 26-year-old dental hygienist from Whittier, California. She works at her Dad’s dental office. In addition, she is a graduate of the University of California Irvine. Interestingly, former The Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez is currently a student at the University as well.

The Bachelor: Will Kirpa Win Colton Underwood’s Heart?

Bachelorette Kirpa Sudick is obviously one of Colton Underwood‘s favorites. She’s made it to the top 13 women, therefore The Bachelor must admire something in her. While she hasn’t yet received a one-on-one date, Colton states he does like her. However, will their connection be strong enough to make it to the end? Will she be able to stand out amongst the other women?

Unfortunately, she hasn’t received as much time with Colton as many of the other contestants. Therefore, this may harm her ability to advance forward. But only time will tell. Next week, the bachelorettes will travel to Vietnam. Will Kirpa Sudick and Colton deeply connect despite what happened to her chin? The competition is getting quite steep. We will soon find out!

Stay tuned to ABC on Monday nights to watch The Bachelor at 8/7 PM central!

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