‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Plays Dirty – Villain Of Season 23?

The Bachelor spoilers reveal a new villain in Demi Burnett. Every season the show airs, there’s always at least one contestant that creates controversy. She is already stirring up trouble with the other ladies in the mansion. Amazingly, she has no problem getting her way. That’s a sure sign she’s one to watch in Season 23 with Colton Underwood.

The Bachelor’s Newest Villainess – Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett is a daring diva. During episode two, she boldly kissed Colton Underwood in front of the other girls. While performing a group date challenge at the Regent Theater, she ran off the stage to share smooches with The Bachelor.

Apparently, she didn’t care if others were watching. Demi Burnett wanted her moment with Colton Underwood. Hundreds of audience members at the performance also witnessed the smooch fest.

Demi Burnett And The Bachelor Rose Controversy

During the evening group outing, Demi continued to pursue The Bachelor rather boldly. She was the first to ask Colton Underwood for private time. Surprisingly, Colton stated he appreciated her confidence. In addition, they kissed once more. She then got aggressive, took the rose for the group date and declared it was hers. The other girls were appalled.

Bachelorette Tracy Shapoff confronted her on her rudeness. She politely attempted to remind her that it’s Colton Underwood’s job to hand out the rose. Demi Burnett apologized to Tracy, but then later called her a hater. Obviously, her apology wasn’t sincere. To her credit, though, she knows what she wants and is fighting hard to win Colton.

Demi Conquers the Cocktail Party

Demi Burnett doesn’t give up. That’s for sure. The mansion cocktail party is her playground. During episode two, she interrupted Tracy and Colton Underwood’s conversation and invited The Bachelor to join her for private time in a closet. She knew this would aggravate others but didn’t care.

Once alone together in the confined space, she gave Colton a massage. She wasn’t shy about getting her hands on him and he enjoyed it. The sneaky bachelorette lured Colton into believing he’d get one like this every night if they were in a romantic relationship. She’s a clever girl, you have to give her that.

Also, by stealing her time with The Bachelor, Demi Burnett made poor Tracy cry. Upset Tracy told the interrupter that she’s being true to herself, but Demi isn’t. She sees the little villain as young and immature. Then, when Demi tried to chat with the crying contestant, it didn’t go well. Her “friendly conversation” wasn’t well received.

The Bachelor Sends Demi Burnett Packing

Reportedly, Colton Underwood doesn’t want to keep daring Demi around for the long haul. It leaked that she will not be a finalist on The Bachelor. She won’t even get a one-one-one date in Season 23. And, as a matter of fact, on the episode in Vietnam where she’s eliminated, Colton doesn’t even wait until the rose ceremony to kick her to the curb.

Colton Underwood is charting his own path this season on The Bachelor and this is another example. He pulls her aside for a private chat and tells her to pack her bags and go. Obviously, The Bachelor won’t feel Demi Burnett is capable of being his wife. So while she’ll be remembered as a Season 23 villain, she won’t go home with a ring.

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