‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood Still Picks Cassie Randolph, Despite 5 Warnings

The Bachelor spoilers reveal Colton Underwood will choose Cassie Randolph as a finalist despite the many warnings received by other bachelorettes. Though this season ends abruptly and differently than any other past season of The Bachelor, the pair reportedly will still be an item.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Colton Underwood Smitten for Cassie Randolph

Since the beginning, The Bachelor admired Cassie Randolph. From day one, the couple possessed a unique connection. Colton admitted several times his strong feelings for her. He believed everything was natural and genuine.

His admiration of her soared to new heights with their one-on-one date. The pair traveled to an exotic deserted island in Thailand. They spent the entire day together in the middle of the ocean. Colton Underwood even told Cassie she was a forerunner in The Bachelor competition. Their connection appeared to be very solid.

Colton Underwood Receives Multiple Warnings

Unfortunately, The Bachelor’s deep feelings for Cassie Randolph may have been in vain according to other contestants. Colton received multiple “warnings” regarding certain bachelorettes not being ready for an engagement.

Initially none of the girls named anyone in particular. However, as time progresses, names will begin to surface. Kirpa will inform The Bachelor that Cassie Randolph may not be present for the right reasons. Of course, Cassie will become infuriated when she learns of the conversation. However, Kirpa will believe she’s keeping Colton’s heart in mind.

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Additionally, the ex-NFL player also will receive warnings from Tayshia Adams. But this time regarding two cast members. Tayshia will state both Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes “aren’t ready.” At this point, The Bachelor will become very unsure of his choices. As a matter of fact, he will begin to doubt everything on the show. This is very unfortunate considering he is searching for true love.

Cassie Receives a Hometown Date

Luckily, despite all the warnings, Cassie Randolph will still receive a hometown date. Colton Underwood will travel to California to tour the bachelorette’s stomping grounds. The two will continually grow closer. As a result, Colton will feel more comfortable with her presence. So much so, she will advance to the next round. The Young Once star will progress to the fantasy suite episode.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Cassie Randolph Flees From Love?

The Bachelor spoilers say that at the end of The Bachelor season, Colton Underwood will decide Cassie Randolph is the woman for him. But will she be ready? According to sources, will not be prepared for an engagement. Therefore, she will not be accepting a proposal in a romantic destination on the show as planned. But, Colton will still reportedly pursue her. He will travel back to her hometown and profess his love for her. The two will agree to be in a relationship monogamously, but will not get engaged. How’s that for a happy ending? It will definitely be the most dramatic season ever!

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