‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood Admits He’s Not a Virgin Anymore

The Bachelor secret status of Colton Underwood’s V-card is no longer in hiding. According to a recent snippet of the upcoming Bachelor season, the handsome stud has lost his virginity. On an ABC promo for the relationship show that aired on Friday, Colton stated clearly, “I am no longer a virgin”.

The Bachelor Colton Underwood – Celibate Virgin No More?

The Bachelor finally admits he is no longer a virgin. But viewers won’t know all the details until the season airs. However, the mystery of whether or not Colton Underwood has remained celibate might be over.

We all remember how much he values his V-card. The ex-football player revealed he was a virgin on Rebecca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Becca was initially surprised when she learned the strange news. She immediately walked out in disbelief. Fans were shocked as well.


The Bachelor Overnight Suites – An Evening to Remember

The infamous overnights on The Bachelor give contestants a chance to intimately connect. Did Colton lose his virginity then? Only time will tell of the virgin was deflowered. Fans can only speculate, since cameras weren’t present. According to Reality Steve, Colton only made it to two Bachelor overnight suites.

One night was with Tayshia Adams. The other was with Cassie Randolph. The third overnight date with Hannah Godwin never occurred. Reportedly, during his time with Cassie, he decided to choose her. As a result, the stud told the other remaining women it was over.

Colton and Cassie – The Ultimate Chase for Love

After informing Cassie of his final decision, she allegedly stated she wasn’t ready for marriage. She then left The Bachelor. After returning home, Colton Underwood followed her. To ease her anxiety about marriage, he forgoes an engagement. The two agreed to date.

Not too long ago, he and Cassie may have revealed their own spoiler. On social media, the pair posted two separate photos with “evidence” of Cassie being present in both. Identical nail polish is the most obvious clue. However, it’s still all speculation at this point.

Colton Underwood’s V-Card Details – Only Time Will Tell!

With only two overnights occurring this season on The Bachelor, spectators may assume Colton Underwood intimately connected with one of the ladies and finally gave up his innocence. But we shall see! This could also be a case of clever editing where he’s talking about some other sort of “virginity” such as the first time he tried a mojito – or skydiving – not sex.

But given the look on his face and tone of his voice in The Bachelor spoilers video it sure sounded like he meant the big “V”.  The current season of The Bachelor is guaranteed to shock crowds. Stay tuned for a whirlwind of drama as the ABC relationship program kicks off this week with virgin Colton Underwood and his many ladies.

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