‘The Bachelor’: Michelle Money’s Daughter on Life Support with ‘Serious Brain Trauma’

The Bachelor alum Michelle Money shared some heartbreaking news today about her daughter, Brielle. According to her mother, the 15-year-old had a severe skateboarding accident and is currently on life support in the ICU.  Not only did Michelle share a photo of her daughter lying in her hospital bed, but she also pleaded for prayers in an emotional video update.

The Bachelor: Michelle Money’s Daughter on Life Support Following a Skateboarding Accident

Today, Michelle Money posted a shocking picture of her daughter Brielle Money lying in a hospital bed. In the photo, the young teen is hooked up to life support systems. The former contestant of The Bachelor’s Season 15 shared some tragic news. She says Brielle’s on life support after having a “terrible skateboarding accident”.

The Bachelor: Michelle Money - Brielle Money

Brielle Money suffered a very serious brain trauma and also a fractured skull”. But she’s also in a “medically induced coma”. This should help “relieve pressure on her brain”.

Also, Michelle is asking everyone to pray for her daughter who “needs support and healing at this time”.

It seems as though Brielle was skateboarding without a helmet because The Bachelor alum also gave some advice. “ALWAYS MAKE [YOUR CHILDREN] WEAR A HELMET. ALWAYS” and then wrote “EVEN WHEN [YOUR CHILDREN] PUSH BACK,”

Reportedly, neighbors called 911 after finding Brielle, which ultimately saved her life.

The Bachelor: Michelle Money - Brielle Money The Bachelor: Michelle Money - Brielle Money

Michelle Money Shares Heartbreaking Video Update

Several hours after the initial announcement, Bachelor star Michelle Money uploaded a video message. She recorded it from a cot in Brielle’s hospital room before “trying” to get some rest. In it, she revealed that only one parent can be in the room at a time. This is due to coronavirus precautions. But she did say that Brielle is currently “stable”.

Brielle’s father is Michelle’s ex-husband Ryan Money, who she met on Bachelor in Paradise. She’s currently seeing golfer Mike Weir, who has been extremely supportive as well. Although she doesn’t want to leave Brielle, Michelle says, “her dad needs time, too”.

The Bachelor: Brielle Needs Emergency Procedure

Michelle Money also shared that her daughter needs surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain. It’s likely a craniectomy, which is when part of the skull is removed to lessen pressure after the brain swells. It’s very common after a traumatic brain injury. Hopefully, it helps improve Brielle’s condition.

Our thoughts are with Brielle, Michelle, and their loved ones during this terrible time.

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