‘The Bachelor’: Lauren Bushnell’s Weight Loss Transformation – Pics Inside

The Bachelor winner Lauren Bushnell looks had a recent weight loss transformation and fans a split on if it looks fantastic or was it too much. Lauren’s season just aired on the Greatest Seasons – Ever limited series and now she looks completely different. Not only that, but she’s moved on from ex-fiance Ben Higgins and is living her best life. So, what does Lauren look like now and who’s her impressive new man?

The Bachelor: Lauren Bushnell & Ben Higgins Split

Lauren Bushnell’s winning season of The Bachelor just aired on the special series The Greatest Seasons – Ever. She was just one of the contestants of the show’s 20th season featuring Ben Higgins. In the end, Lauren found herself beating out Jojo Fletcher, Amanda Stanton, and Caila Quinn. Ben got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren and she was quick to say yes.

They got their own Bachelor spinoff called Lauren and Ben: Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, Lauren and Ben’s relationship only lasted for about a year before they two broke things off. Although they never got married, Ben Higgins and Lauren decided to call it quits in 2017.

The Bachelor: Lauren Bushnell - Chris Lane

Lauren Marries Country Music Sensation Chris Lane

After breaking up with Ben, Lauren Bushnell started seeing a real estate lawyer named Devin Antin in July 2017. But the two didn’t last very long and split only a year later in August. Yet, Lauren didn’t downgrade with her next boyfriend. The Bachelor alum found herself a new man who’s a well-known recording artist. She started dating country star Chris Lane, who she met at Stagecoach, which she attended with Devin four months before they broke up.

Lauren and Chris hit it off from the start and began dating not long after her break up with Devin. They adopted a dog and moved in together in August 2019. It didn’t take long for the two to fall in love and soon enough Chris was asking The Bachelor star to marry him. Obviously, she said yes and the two married in October 2019. Chris even wrote a song about Lauren called “I Don’t Know About You”.

The Bachelor: Lauren Bushnell

The Bachelor: Lauren’s Weight Loss – Fans are Split

Lauren Bushnell underwent a huge transformation from her Bachelor days to where she is now. Although she had a thin build before, Lauren’s lost some weight and the fullness of her cheeks. Not only that, but her entire body is thinner in a way that she didn’t have with Ben Higgins or Devin Antin. While some think she is now too skinny, other fans think is simply more toned.

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