‘The Bachelor’: Contestant Bri Barnes and ‘Bachelorette’ Alum Dean Unglert Flirt Live on Air

The Bachelor contestant Bri Barnes flirted with Dean Unglert on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast recently released on Tuesday. The pair expressed their interest for one another briefly during the tail end of the segment.

Bri Barnes on The Bachelor 

The Bachelor celeb Bri Barnes was eliminated from the current season during episode three. Colton Underwood didn’t see a future with her. However hilariously, the bachelorette caught the attention of America when she purposely faked an Australian accent. 

Though she revealed she was faking it all along, fans appeared to think it was slightly weird. But, Colton thought it was hilarious. Bri stated she wanted to stand out amongst all the other contestants. It looks like her technique worked. She’ll always be remembered as the girl who faked a foreign accent to win Colton’s heart.

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Bri Barnes and Dean Unglert Flirt

Bri Barnes was a featured guest on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast earlier this week. The podcast features past Bachelor franchise alums Dean Unglert, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Jared Haibon. Dean Unglert admitted to approaching Bri in her Instagram direct message box last month. However, Bri never responded. She states her reasoning for doing so is because she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to. The Bachelor is still on television and all the contestants are still under contract.

On the podcast, Dean Unglert instructed Bri Barnes to open the message. So she did. The message was an invitation to be a guest on Help! I Suck at Dating. However, Dean’s co-hosts joke that was just a pick up line for him. Interestingly, Dean also revealed he messaged her a second time around January 25th. But after didn’t respond within 24 hours, he deleted the message. The Bachelorette alum was embarrassed by the entire situation.

Coincidentally, The Bachelor beauty revealed she’s mentioned Dean Unglert in previous interviews. On the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast, she was asked who she’d hope to meet in Bachelor in Paradise. She commented Dean. However, Dean states there will be zero chance he will reappear on the show. Cohost Jared, suggested Bri and Dean should go out on a date. They both live in Los Angeles so it would be super convenient. But Dean Unglert shunned away from the idea stating he’d be in Japan for the rest of the month.

Dean and Bri — Will They Ever Date?

Though the pair never agreeed to commit to a date, it’s a possibility. Both of them have hectic travel schedules, so it would definitely take some planning. Maybe one day Bri Barnes will actually appear on the podcast in person, and we will find out more. Jared and Vanessa apparently think they should experience their first date during the podcast. Let’s see what the future holds!

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