‘The Bachelor’: Chris Soules Ordered Hefty Fine After Deadly Car Accident

The Bachelor‘s Chris Soules has agreed to pay $2.5 million in a wrongful death court settlement. Chris caused a deadly crash in 2017, where he fled once EMTs had arrived. The court proceedings have taken a long time, but things have finally begun moving. Starting with paying a hefty settlement to the deceased’s family. In other news, the court postponed the sentencing for his case, again.

The Bachelor: Chris Soules Involved in Deadly Accident

You might remember Chris Soules from season 19 of The Bachelor where he fell in love with Whitnfey Bischoff. But the two have since split. Now, he is making headlines for a completely different reason. One that is much darker than deciding who to spend the rest of his life with.

Chris rear-ended a tractor being driven by sixty-six year old Kenneth Mosher on April 24, 2017. Although he made the first 911 call and also gave CPR to the the Iowa farmer, he left the accident scene before police arrived. Unfortunately, Mosher did not survive the accident.

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Chris Pleads Guilty, Owes $2.5 Million

The 37-year-old plead guilty on May 8, 2017, where he was charged with, “hit and run, resulting in death.” Yet, his sentencing has been pushed back multiple times.

The Bachelor star agreed to a settlement with Kenneth Mosher’s family more than two years later on May 23, 2019. In which he and his parents, Gary and Linda Soules must pay a total of $2.5 million to the Mosher family. Which consists of Kenneth’s wife Nancy Mosher and their two sons Matthew and Michael Mosher.

The Bachelor: Chris Soules Faces Prison Time

The Bachelor‘s Chris Soules might face a two year sentence. Yet, once again something has delayed his sentencing. This time it’s because the judge needed to order a new investigation report. This is because the previous one relied heavily on statements from the victims family. But because they were not involved in the accident, the family are not considered victims in a legal sense. So, Chris’ sentencing will have to wait until after lawyers draft a new report.

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