‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Reacts to Lauren Bushnell Engagement to Singer Chris Lane

The Bachelor alum Ben Higgins claims his life will always be tied to Lauren Bushnell at some level. He said this after hearing about her engagement to Chris Lane. Ben was there first, he popped the question to Lauren Bushnell on The Bachelor back in 2016. As the nation watched, Ben Higgins gave that ring to Lauren and the two ended their season as a couple.

The Bachelor: Ben Higgins Comments on Lauren Bushnell Announcing Engagement

But it seems more often than not The Bachelor and The Bachelorette couples go their separate ways. It’s usually after the ring sits on the finger for a while. Ben and Lauren became one of those couples, although they didn’t part ways until 2017.

Lauren Bushnell became engaged to country singer Chris Lane this weekend. The setting for the big question was the backyard of Chris Lane’s family home.

Bachelor star Ben Higgins described his theory on breakups. Most of all he talked about the lingering effects during his podcast on Tuesday. His podcast partner Ashley Iaconetti is another former contestant from The Bachelor series of shows.

Chris Lane:  Country Singer Gets a ‘Yes’ From Lauren

Ben Higgins offered his thoughts on the two ways people end relationships. He did this with his co-host Ashley on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. Ben suggests when you break up one way,  you leave your ex-partner “angry and resentful.” Or, you can have it another way. That’s to leave them knowing this breakup is the best thing for both of you. Followed by wishing them the best things in life going forward. The latter is the way this The Bachelor star and Lauren Bushnell parted ways, claims Ben on his podcast.

With that said, The Bachelor alum went on to give a shout out of congratulations to his former love interest. He followed up by saying he “could not be more excited” for Lauren after hearing the news. He believes both he and his ex-partner wanted good things for each others’ future when breaking up after their union on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Ben Hopes Chris Brings Lauren Everything She Wants

Ben wants Lauren’s relationship with Chris Lane to bring her everything that their The Bachelor relationship didn’t. Apparently, he looked over some photos of Lauren and Chris together, taken right after they became engaged.

What he noted seems to say it all. He saw Lauren’s smile and said: “a smile I never saw.” So it looks like Ben realizes Lauren found her soul mate in Chris Lane. It also sounds as if Chris brings out something in Lauren that Ben didn’t experience with her. It’s that smile that looked different to Ben, as it’s not the same he saw while on The Bachelor apparently.

He also suggested that this engagement might finally separate them when it comes to the press. When something concerning Lauren comes up, Ben Higgins hopes he won’t be the first person they call going forward.

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