‘The Bachelor’: Bekah Martinez Shares Newborn Baby Photos

The Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez recently shared newborn photos of her beautiful baby girl. The reality star and Grayston Leonard gave birth to their first child on February 2, 2019.

The Bachelor News: Bekah Martinez Gives Birth

The long awaited delivery of the season 22 The Bachelor star’s first child has finally happened! Martinez was several days after her due date. However, she predicted she wouldn’t deliver on time several months ago. Perhaps she spoke things into existence!

For several months, Bekah aired on social media her desire for a water birth. Fortunately, her plans were successful. The Bachelor star shared beautiful photos of her water delivery earlier this week.

An advocate for all things natural, Bekah Martinez planned for a medication free birth. Bekah said she wanted to feel every bit of childbirth. She believes it’s a wonderful experience worth sharing. 

The Bachelor: Bekah Martinez’ is a New Mom!

Only a few days into motherhood, The Bachelor celeb is already revealing the joys of motherhood to her followers. She said she is already sleepless, surviving on naps, and dealing with a crying baby. However, she also said she is very happy and blessed to do so. Bekah also jokingly reveals her breastmilk is definitely making an appearance on her clothing. In addition, she also complains of skin breakouts. All of which are common after labor.

The Bachelor: The Baby Finally Has a Name!

Bekah Martinez and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard decided not to name their child in advance. As a matter of fact, they didn’t give their baby a name until several days after birth. However, they’ve finally picked one.

Ruth Ray De La Luz Leonard is the chosen name. Her nickname will be Ruthie Ray. Bekah said Ruth is Grayston‘s grandmother‘s name. It’s also her favorite book of the Bible. In addition, in Hebrew it means friend or companion. “Ray” is just a name she thinks is cute. Finally, De La Luz is her dad’s middle name. It’s Spanish for “of the light.” It’s also a tribute to The Bachelor star’s Mexican heritage.

Bekah Martinez’s motherhood journey is only beginning. The Bachelor fans will likely be able to follow her experience on social media for quite a while. Congrats to Bekah and Grayston!

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