‘The Bachelor’: ABC Buys Extra Condoms for Peter Weber’s Season – And for Good Reason

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison says Peter Weber‘s season will have plenty of condoms available. In fact, more than any other season.

In a recent interview with his girlfriend and ET reporter, Lauren Zima, Chris went over just how many condoms they can provide for the Delta pilot. Because we all know that as a pilot, safety is Peter Weber’s number one priority. After all, Peter does keep a condom in his car’s console just in case.

The Bachelor Update: Peter Weber Gets Overwhelmed With Thirsty Women

Peter Weber’s most iconic moment on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette was the windmill fantasy suite. If you don’t remember, he and the leading lady got busy four times and it’s sort of become a running gag on the new season of The Bachelor. One woman even dressed as a windmill and told Peter to get ready for “round five”.

Yet, that wasn’t the only interesting limo arrival from night one. Multiple Bachelor hopefuls brought Peter Weber condoms. In fact, one even brought “multiple condoms” according to Chris Harrison in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Chris Harrison Talks Condoms and Peter Weber

Chris sat down with Lauren Zima, who also happens to be his girlfriend and answered everyone’s burning questions. One of which, was how many condoms are there this season for Peter Weber? Chris said that The Bachelor gets “as many as are needed”.

The Bachelor host said that they had to up their game for Peter Weber because of his reputation. He also revealed that “four are on the table” by the bed and “at they have at least “half-a-dozen” are within reach at most times. There’s someone on 24/7 standby at all times to make a rubber run for Peter if they come close to running out.

The Bachelor: Chris Harrison is on Rubber Duty

Chris Harrison, the face of the franchise is in charge of making sure The Bachelor Peter Weber has everything he needs. Including things that might come up when it comes time for Peter’s one-on-one time with the ladies.

Chris said that if there’s a condom shortage then that is “also my job,” he said with a laugh. So, we all know who Peter has on speed dial.

The Bachelor airs tonight at 8 on ABC.

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