‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Aly Raisman Hints Ex Colton Underwood Didn’t Treat Her Well

Colton Underwood is The Bachelor 2019 and he actually dated Aly Raisman before ever joining the show. Aly is known for being a gymnast. An excerpt that has been discovered from her book seems like Aly is hinting that Colton Underwood didn’t treat her well. If that is the case, you have to wonder if he was a good choice for The Bachelor. Colton has been on The BacheloretteBachelor in Paradise and also on The Bachelor now. Hopefully, the third time is the charm for him and he can find love.

The Bachelor: Aly Raisman allegedly talks about Colton Underwood

Life & Style shared what Aly Raisman had to say about the man picked to be The Bachelor. Aly used to date Colton and it doesn’t sound good. She is actually the only real girlfriend that Colton has ever had. He has been very open about the fact that he is still a virgin. They dated back in 2016-2017. There are even a lot of pictures of this couple on the Internet.

Aly wrote a book back in 2017 and a big quote from it is being noticed now. In this book called Fierce, she spoke out about an athlete she dated. Colton Underwood used to play football and it does seem like she is talking about The Bachelor. Here is what Aly Raisman had to say.

“A professional athlete I’d been talking to for a while had invited me to visit him and watch one of his games — and after the debacle at Worlds, I figured I could use a distraction. Saturday went well. The guy was attentive and fun, and we seemed to be having a good time. But when I met him Sunday after his game, he had turned into a completely different person.”

The Bachhelor: Aly Raisman shares more details

After that, she shared more details. Aly told a story where the guy that everyone assumes was Colton Underwood got upset she tried to change the radio. She explained he told her not to touch the dial and she thought he was kidding but when she tried again he quickly made sure she knew he was serious. This was an athlete wanting to tune into to sports radio to about himself.

Aly Raisman went on to say that this car ride was a silent one and things didn’t go well. The guy was on his phone all the time during their date. Aly said, “I felt embarrassed, but also angry that I had traveled to see someone who treated me so disrespectfully.” She never calls out the person by name, though. The fans are all just assuming it was Colton Underwood. It would be great if Aly would clarify, but she doesn’t seem to want to do that either. Maybe she will start talking when his season is airing.

Was it really Colton Underwood?

The timeline doesn’t exactly match up to when Aly Raisman was dating Colton Underwood. The thing is it does match up to when their relationship might have been starting. It is possible that it was him and they had this situation and then ended up dating anyway. Aly never says it was Colton, but the speculation is there. She has never been linked to another professional athlete. This guy wanted to listen to sports radio to see what they said about him, so it wasn’t like he was someone who just played for fun.

Colton has been caught in a lie as well where he said he had never brought a girl home before. There are actually pictures of Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman with his family at Christmas in pajamas. This relationship was obviously serious, but it didn’t end up lasting.

Be sure to follow Soap Dirt for the latest info on The Bachelor spoilers. The new season with Colton Underwood will start airing on ABC in January of 2019. Filming should start soon, which means spoilers will begin to come out. Hopefully, Colton is able to find love this time around, but only time will tell.