‘Temptation Island’: Thomas Wants A Hall Pass – Recap

On Temptation Island Thomas Gipson is crushing hard on Sophia Perez and not afraid of a little hands on fun till he sees his bonfire clip. Chelsea Orcutt is really starting to feel things with Dr. Blake Eyres (literally). Kendal Kenton sees Erica Washington cry and it bothers him for a whole minute. Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos dig deep separately over a shared loss. And Cory Sobczyk is feeling confident in spite of Erin Smith’s tears. Let’s break down all the walls of season 3 episode 6 Unexpected Loss in this recap.

Two Bonfires Means Twice The Burn On Temptation Island

This episode offers bonfires at both ends so there it’s lots of hypocrisy to go around. Especially when it comes to Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt. Thomas sees Chelsea in bonfire number one admitting to having a crush on someone and then lounging under a palm tree with Dr. Blake Eyres. This is ok he says because he’s got a crush of his own on single Sophia Perez. And he’s here to grow right? Host Mark L. Walberg agrees but clarifies the growth should be of the mental kind.

Next up on Temptation Island Julian Allen sees Kristen Ramos say she doesn’t trust him and isn’t sure why she stays. Kristen, we see Julian. We all know why you stay and it’s all good. Julian gets it and blames himself for his cheating. Host Mark wants him to reflect on exactly why he strayed. Julian tries but it probably just wasn’t that deep. Next Cory Sobczyk sees Erin Smith and Shaquille Urie. Yawn. Shaquille slobbers over Erin and she throws him bones like “your the closest person I have here”.

Cory says it’s fine. He’s feeling better about himself and sees what the rest of us see. She’s just not into him. Next Kendal Kenton sees Erica Washington crying to Kristen Ramos about him. He tries to spin it like Erica has hidden rules so therefore it’s totally not his fault that he had a threesome. He also says it might bother him a bit if he saw her doing the same thing but he’s not one to make excuses and that what’s done in the dark always comes to light especially when there are cameras.

The Singles Are Ready To Mingle

Back at the Temptation Island villas the singles emerge like roaches once everyone gets back from the respective bonfires. Kendal admits that Erica was crying in her clip and furrows his brow as he can’t figure out what she might have seen. This makes Alexcys Homan laugh and it’s her first real reaction since the season started. Erica comes right out with the truth to Jesse Stephanos about the threesome. He promises to have her back if she wants to “go upstairs and talk”.

Chelsea Orcutt seizes the opportunity to cry on Dr. Blake’s shoulder since the other guys called her a hypocrite. She wonders if Thomas’s plan was to wait for her to do something flirty and use that as a hall pass for his own behavior. It’s date time and Erin is back out with fellow soccer baller Griffin Libhart. The date consists of her crying on an exotic beach because everyone thinks she’s a jerk. Back at the house Shaquille organizes Erin’s bikinis while singing “My Girl”.

Amanda Spain-Butts continues her breakout performance as most boring supporting actress in a boring role on a reality show. She fawns over Cory in a hammock telling him how pretty his eyes are in that shirt. Tom Gipson and Sophia Perez actually do have fun on their date which involves exfoliating with mud that Tom applies to her booty. He writes his name on her a*s and can’t resist giving it a good smack. Sophia doesn’t mind because this is like spring break right?

Connections and Confessions on Temptation Island

Meanwhile Chelsea Orcutt and Dr. Blake Eyres are enjoying a far more sensible date. Instead of exfoliating her backside the doctor tells her that his mother would like her. This makes Chelsea giggle and bat her eyes and he tells her he could “stare into them forever”. Chelsea then brags to the cameras that something happening between her and Blake is not a matter of if, but when.

Julian rides bikes with Maya Morsi on a solid rated-G date on Temptation Island. It seems when the other girls found out he actually wants to stay with his girlfriend they moped around for a minute and then knocked on Kendal’s door. Kristen on the other hand is still feeling upset about revealing the death of her brother from an overdose. Her date Juwan Haynes can relate as he too lost someone close to addiction.

The most ridiculous date takes place in the back of a yellow pick up truck on a grassy hill. It’s Kendal and Alexcys and they look like they crashed the set of a John Cougar Mellencamp video circa 1984. These two seem incredibly awkward in such a wholesome setting. Taken out of their comfort zone of drunken grainy hookups they don’t know what to say. So they babble about having children together in the future. Alexcys tries but she knows she’s just chewing gum that already lost it’s flavor.

The Guys Villa Masks Up

The guys villa will be hosting a masquerade ball on Temptation Island. This translates to lots of shots and grinding while dressed like a high school musical production of The Phantom Of The Opera. Nickole Ciszak is thirsty for more than endless tequila so she drags Kendal and Alexcys off to get something that starts with the letter “C”. Meaning clarity of course. She reverts to a breathy baby voice and tells them she’s around if they need a “toy”.

Kendal has an epiphany that he’s now part of a “throuple”. I guess that is what they call it these days. He’s feeling a connection with Nickole. Alexcys tells her she’s more than a toy to them. It could be like Sister Wives but with strange rashes and catfights over the last White Claw. Meanwhile Sophia Perez is having the time of her life. But she wants a kiss from Thomas. She kisses him all over his face but his lips. He admits it’s getting hard to resist her.

Speaking of hard, at the girls villa there isn’t any costumes but just an old fashioned pool party. Well for some. Chelsea and Dr. Blake are getting friendly in the pool and Chelsea repeats her stock line of “I don’t play”. Blake sets her on his lap in the pool and obviously not worried about shrinkage asks “do we feel that”. Chelsea admits that she does indeed feel “that” and nobody wants to go in that pool ever again. Elsewhere in the girl’s villa it’s pretty much business as usual.

New Flames and Old Games on Temptation Island

It’s ladies first at bonfire number two. Erica goes first and announces it’s not her job to understand Kendal. At least this time the clip is in the light of day. And of course it’s the date where he and Alexcys talk about starting a family. Erica has seen it all and says she wishes she could warn her. Nah. She doesn’t deserve it. Kristen Ramos sees Julian Allen talking about how he still isn’t sure if she’d say yes if he proposed. She gets it and admits she is afraid to be hurt.

Erin sees Cory in the hammock with Amanda Spain-Butts whose name is the most interesting thing about her. Erin is annoyed more than anything. She considers the conversation intimate and they are sitting close. And admits she can get angry. She says all her past relationships were toxic including one where the guy “put his hands on her”. Mark warns her not to let her past sabotage what could be the best relationship of her life.

Next up on Temptation Island Chelsea sees the whole booty slap exfoliation date. Host Mark’s eyes gleam more than the bonfire embers and he asks how it feels to see her boyfriend slap another woman’s a*s. She feels disrespected. She says Blake would never do that because he “respects women”. Like how he was considerate enough to let her float on his noodle in the pool.

Thomas Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

On the way to the Temptation Island bonfire Kendal says he could probably salvage his relationship with Erica if he wanted to. This makes Cory squirm and he wants to know if he’s leading Erica and Alexcys on. Kendal says it’s complex and this causes a wave of eyerolls all around. Cory is up first and sees Erin crying on the beach about everyone thinking she isn’t nice to Cory. He’s fine and says his confidence is growing leaps and bounds. Mark agrees and puts a little gold star sticker on his forehead.

Julian sees Kristen opening up about her brother to Juwan. He gets it and he was very broken by the loss too so he feels okay that she’s opening up. Next up Kendal sees Erica opening up to Jesse who she says is a solid nice guy. Kendal babbles on about how Erica probably does deserve more as she has hidden talents and could easily become a leader. Wait. Is he her boyfriend or her life coach?

This week’s aha bonfire moment comes courtesy of Chelsea. Thomas isn’t too happy to see her and Dr. Dingaling in the pool. He gets angry and the other guys tell him they are there for him. Kendal snakes in that he has someone at the house to lean on too. Meaning Sophia. Host Mark tells the guys that next time they have the chance to send 30 second video messages to their girlfriend. Kendal raises his hand and says “hey, I’m fully single here”. Till next time!

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