‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Karl Collins Tempted By Brittney Rose – Kady Krambeer Breaks Wynn Sarden’s Heart

Temptation Island spoilers show Karl Collins tempted by sexy single Brittney Rose. Wynn Sarden is heartbroken when Kady Cannon Krambeer chooses Johnny Alexander for a date. Host Mark L. Walberg puts a new spin on date selections. Katheryn Golden goes after John Thurmond. Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar kiss on the beach. Let’s check in with the action on the island with Season 1 Episode 5 “Rules Are Made To Be Broken”.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Katheryn Golden Sets Up Villa Date With John Thurmond

On Temptation Island Katheryn Golden arranges a villa date with contestant John Thurmond. Kady Krambeer blocked her on the first episode. Katheryn tells John she’s into him and wants to get to know him. John stays distant. He says he won’t be the first one to cheat. If Kady cheats first then he will consider it. This annoys Katheryn.

Hannah Rightmire comes at John for his attitude. She tells him it’s rude to step over feelings. And that it’s crazy that he’s waiting for Kady to cheat. She thinks he’s not being true to his feelings. Or fair to the singles. Morgan and Evan listen in. Morgan nods her head in agreement.

The Singles Get Some Say On Date Selections

Temptation Island spoilers indicate host Mark L. Walberg revealing a new twist. The guys prepare to choose dates. The single ladies must raise their hand for each guy they want to date. Karl Collins goes first. He chooses Brittney Rose out of the many ladies who raised their hand. Javen Butler chooses Hannah. Not a lot of the ladies raised their hands for him. Javen’s committed to his girlfriend. This is an obstacle for Hannah.

A handful of singles raise their hand for Evan including new girl Lindsay. But he goes straight for Morgan. John gets ready to choose. Lindsay, Sheldon Stack and Katheryn raise hands. Kady Krambeer again blocked her from dating him outside the house. John picks Lindsay. The girls are next. All the guys raise their hands for Kaci Campbell. This makes Kaci feel good. She wishes Evan could see how she is around these guys. She chooses Jack Allen for her date.

On Temptation Island Kady Krambeer is up and picks Johnny Alexander. Wynn is hurt. He was hoping to be picked as he feels a romantic connection with her. Kady told him he could rock her world. He is disappointed. Kady wants to get to know Johnny. A few hands go up for Shari Ligons. She’s not surprised as she thinks the guys find her intimidating. She goes with James. Nicole is last to pick. She chooses Tyler.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Karl Admits That Brittney Tempts Him – Katheryn Kisses John

On Temptation Island the couples are about half way through the test. Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith seem connected on every level. Evan chooses her right away for a date. They kiss on a beach. Things are heating up elsewhere too. Karl Collins feels a strong sexual connection with Brittney Rose. The two get physical in a pool. Karl says she makes his body want to do different things.

Temptation Island spoilers reveal Katheryn going for a kiss with John. Kady Krambeer seems to be enjoying herself while partying. “Kady is here to be tempted and definitely already is” says one of the guys. Cuban native Carlos Chavez gets accused of c*ck-blocking. Things are really heating up as we hit the halfway point. Be sure to tune in Tuesday nights at 10pm on the USA network for an all new Temptation Island.

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