‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Kady And Johnny Get Closer – Kaci Worries Evan Will Go Too Far

Temptation Island spoilers show Kaci Campbell reveals she still loves Evan Smith. Also, Kady Krambeer and Johnny Alexander get closer and she knows has to make a choice. The girls play “never have I ever”.

Plus, Shari Ligons finally opens up to Justin Sturm. She fears what she will see at the bonfire tonight. Lets’s see whats in store on Season 1 Episode 6 “Head in The Sand”.

Temptation Island Spoilers: The Girls Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

On Temptation Island, the girls play the party game that can reveal too much. Shari Ligons admits to never having sex in public. Kaci Campbell claps back that she has sex in public all the time. Also, Kady and Johnny act like a couple. They walk off for some alone time. Johnny reveals that he’s falling for Kady. He’s happy she’s in his life and wants to kiss her. His only regret will be not trying. Kady gets emotional and begins to cry.

In her confessional she admits something is missing with boyfriend John Thurmond. She tells Johnny she does feel the connection between them. But doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Spoilers show the two go to Kady’s bedroom. They crawl under the covers together. Kady tells producers she knows she has a choice to make. In tears she says she knows what it is. Will she leave John for Dr. Johnny? Only time will tell on TI.

Elsewhere Shari hangs out with Justin Sturm. Shari has struggled since arriving on Temptation Island. She’s been upset after seeing boyfriend Javen Butler on video clips. She’s cried twice at bonfire after seeing Javen flirt with girls. She finds common ground with single Justin. They are both straight shooters. Shari admits she’s able to open up with him and feel comfortable.

Kaci Campbell Fears The Worst About Evan Smith And Morgan Lolar

On Temptation Island host Mark Walberg informs the girls that there will be a bonfire in the evening. In the last episode the couples got a welcome break from bonfire. It’s when they get to see clips of their significant others interacting with singles. Kaci Campbell was heartbroken after seeing long time BF Evan kiss Morgan Lolar. Kaci reveals to Kady that she is still in love with Evan Smith. She wants to stay together. She says she’s hoping he comes out of this “fantasy bubble land” he’s in with Morgan.

Kaci Campbell gave Evan Smith a lot of freedom on TI. She fears what she will witness at the bonfire. Kady asks if she could forgive him if he has sex with Morgan. Kaci says she doesn’t think he would do that. Doubts set in and she claims they set guidelines. She asks Kady if she thinks sex is a possibility. Kady thinks it is. Of course this makes Kaci even more afraid to see the clips. Tune in tonight to Temptation Island on the USA network at 10pm to see what the bonfire reveals!

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