‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Kady and John Block Two Singles on the First Night

Temptation Island spoilers show the couple Kady Cannon Krambeer and John Thurmond block two singles on the first night of the premiere episode. The mega reality hit that ran for three seasons on Fox from 2000-2003 is back starting Tuesday January 15, 2019 on USA Network.

Original host Mark L. Walberg returns. Four committed couples with struggling relationships have agreed to travel to Maui, Hawaii. While on the island they will be tempted by 24 hot single men and women who are looking for love. Can their relationships stand the test? Let’s meet the couples and check out some spoilers from the premiere episode of Temptation Island.

Temptation Island Spoilers – Meet The Couples

Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg will be on hand to meet the new couples. Shari Ligons and Javen Butler, both 25 have been together since they were 16. Javen has strayed before. Shari wants to see if he can stay faithful while. Kady Cannon Krambeer met John Thurmond on dating site Bumble. After 3 years Kady questions whether he is the southern gentleman slash country boy that she really wants.

Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl met at the gym. At the time Nicole was in a relationship. She ended it to to be with Karl. Now together 2 plus years 25-year-old Nicole who’s 6 years younger than Karl wonders if he will connect with someone on a deeper level according to Temptation Island spoilers. Can their strong physical attraction keep them faithful amidst all the temptation?

Another Temptation Island couple Evan Smith 28, and Kaci Campbell 29, of LA have been together for a decade. Kaci wants Evan to propose and make a commitment. Evan is a little freaked out because of a scary incident in his past. His father cheated on his mother when he was young. His dad’s lover’s spouse murdered Evan’s father.

The Singles Are Ready to Party on Temptation Island

The couples will share separate houses on Temptation Island. They get ready to meet the 24 eligible men and women on hand to shake things up. The singles arrive and tensions are high. As the singles walk out one by one and introduce themselves, the couples react. Shari and Javen begin to argue. The single women laugh at Shari as they see how threatened she is already. Walberg points out that the singles were specifically chosen to match with the couples.

Temptation Island spoilers reveal that among the singles are Cuban born Carlos, who turns on the charm with his accent. Brittany, a California Yoga teacher who seeks a spiritual connection and Roman, a self-proclaimed southern gentleman. The couples head to separate cocktail parties to mingle with the sexy singles. Evan is relieved to find he can mingle without Kaci nearby. John hits it off immediately with southern girl Kathryn who resembles Kady. Shari finds one of the guys too aggressive.

Walberg gathers the group back together for “business”. Each couple is given a matching color bead necklace.They are given the option to “block” a single by placing a matching necklace on that single who will be forbidden to “date” that person. Kady quickly blocks Kathryn her southern doppelgänger. John blocks country boy Roman. The other couples opt out of blocks for now. Things are heating up quick on the new season of Temptation Island with host host Mark L. Walberg. Tune in Tuesdays at 10 on USA network.

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