‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Kaci Eyeballs Evan Smith As He Chooses Date

Temptation Island spoilers have Kaci Campbell‘s gaze making Evan Smith uncomfortable as he chooses a date on the USA show. There’s a lot of shade and drama underway. Nicole Tutewohl throws shade at Karl Collin’s choice of a date. Plus, Shari Ligons compliments Javen Butler’s choice. Here’s what is coming on Temptation Island episode 2.

Temptation Island Spoilers – Evan Smith & Guys Choose Dates From Single Ladies

Things are heating up on Temptation Island. Evan Smith is nervous to see eight chairs set up. He knows that means they will have to pick dates in front of their girlfriends. But then, he’s uncomfortable doing so in front of longtime girlfriend Kaci Campbell. He says she will have “prying eyes”.

Earlier spoilers revealed Evan was involved in a feud between two singles. Katheryn Golden and Morgan Lolar had a screaming match after she accused Morgan of crushing on Evan. Then, host Mark L. Walberg tells Karl he can choose first. Karl is on the island with Nicole, his girlfriend of almost three years.

Ladies Not Liking Who Their Men Choose

Karl chooses 25 year old Sheldyn Stack, shocking Nicole. The six year age difference concerns Nicole as she is also 25 to Karl’s 31. Next up is John Thurmond. He is blocked by girlfriend Kady Cannon Krambeer from choosing Katheryn Golden. He chooses blonde Vancouver native Hannah Rightmire.

This doesn’t surprise Kady as she sees that Katheryn is his type. On Temptation Island, Javen Butler chooses single Kayla Essex as his high school sweetheart Shari Ligons looks on. Shari was not impressed with any of the single women in the premiere. She seems okay with Kayla and later says she seems nice – unlike the other singles.

Up last is Evan Smith. He chooses yoga teacher Brittney Rose. They connected initially and discovered they went to the same high school. Kaci Campbell thinks the choice made sense since Brittney seems chill. But Evan sure won’t like having to make his decision in front of his GF.

The Girls Pick Guys and Shots Fired

Shari is up first to pick a single guy for a date on Temptation Island. She chooses 29 year old James Thompson. Then, Javen remarks that Shari is a queen and can be demanding. He thinks James is in for a “rude surprise”. Nicole is up next. She goes for Tyler Sabino. Because Karl’s not surprised, he says he knows Nicole likes chocolate. Nicole throws a jab at Karl’s pick. She said he chose Sheldyn because he’s not attracted to her and won’t be tempted.

Temptation Island spoilers reported one of the singles calls out “shots fired”. Kady is up next. Because John blocked Kady from choosing country boy Roman Ratliff, she marches straight over to Dr. Johnny Alexander, a New York chiropractor. So, John calls it right away and isn’t surprised. Last up is Kaci. She chooses Cuban native Carlos Chavez. But Evan says he’s not surprised as Kaci is drawn to confidence. He snarks that he ain’t worried about “Mr. Cuba”.

Temptation Island: Dates Chosen, Consequences Follow

Finally, the dates are chosen on Temptation Island. Kaci Campbell approves of Evan Smith choosing Brittney. She thinks some of the other singles seem catty. Kaci is proud of Evan facing this in a mature way.

So, the couples will go on their dates and reconvene afterward with host Walberg. Tune in Tuesday at 10 on USA network to see how the couples fare on their first dates.

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