‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: John Thurmond Confronts Kady Krambeer – Season Finale Part 1

Temptation Island spoilers show John Thurmond finally gets the chance to face girlfriend Kady Krambeer. On part 1 of the season finale “The Final Bonfire”, John calls Kady out. She questioned him for not being manly enough. Kady Krambeer also doubts his ability to be a good father if they had a son.

Then recently, John Thurmond saw Kady kissing and sharing her bed with Johnny Alexander. After that, John gave in to temptation with Katheryn Golden. John is emotional because Kady Krambeer’s many betrayals have filled him with doubt.

Temptation Island Spoilers: John Thurmond Stresses Out on Kady Krambeer

New Temptation Island spoilers reveal couples reunite at the last bonfire. John Thurmond is stressed. He tells Kady Krambeer that she destroyed him. He calls her out on doubting his ability to be a father. She tearfully tells a broken John that he makes her “not want to have kids”. Earlier, Katheryn Golden broke down to John Thurmond afraid his confidence is low. As a result, she thinks he’ll go with what is safe and that’s not a future with her.

Karl Collins has a tough conversation with Brittney Rose on the next Temptation Island. The two shared an intimate night during the weekend dates. But now Brittney senses a distance and that’s tripping her up. Karl reminds her that he’s been with girlfriend Nicole Tutewohl for over two years. He reveals in a confession that he still loves her. And then Brittney asks if this is a final goodbye. He admits it might be a “see you later” because he feels pressure.

Temptation Island spoilers report a bonfire scene with Karl and Nicole. She has changed and grown and learned it’s okay to connect with men and be outgoing. Because at home, she was scared and felt if she opened up, she would be judged. She also said she felt a weight around her shoulders. Karl says she should feel that because he wants respect. He doesn’t want his woman floating around a bar as if she’s single. Karl asks Nicole if she want to be single – or wants a boyfriend who cares.

Brittney Rose & Tyler Sabino Host Temptation Island Finale Watch Party

In an interesting twist for Temptation Island fans, singles Brittney Rose and Tyler Sabino will host a watch party. Certainly this is intriguing since both singles are linked to Karl and Nicole. Brittney shared the details of the party on Twitter. The party will take place in Los Angeles. They will also answer fan questions.

As for the other TI couples, fans may have to wait for the second part of the finale. Although fans speculate on social media that Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar are very much together. And that Javen Butler  and Shari Ligons resist temptation and stay committed.Be sure to tune in tonight for part one of the season finale of Temptation Island at 10 pm on USA network.

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