‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Hanna Comforts John – Kaci Breaks Down To Producers

Temptation Island spoilers promise Kaci Campbell breaks down after the bonfire while John Thurmond finds comfort with Hannah Rightmire. This is after seeing Kady Krambeer and Dr Johnny Alexander’s video.

Afterward, Evan Smith feels judged after hearing the guys talk about Kady. Nicole Tutewohl stands up for the girls after one of the guys suggest they will go back to them no matter what. Let’s take a peek at what to expect in Season 1 Episode 7 “Mixed Messages” of Temptation Island.

Kaci Campbell Cries To Producers on Temptation Island

On TI, the girls have returned to the villa. Kaci Campbell closed her eyes during the clip of Evan Smith. But what she heard (and assumes) has her in tears. She cries to a producer about how hard this is. She is afraid of losing it and embarrassing her family. The producer assures her that her family knows who she really is. Kaci admits she doesn’t recognize the Evan she’s seen there. The Temptation Island producer hugs Kaci.

Kaci finally joins the other girls and singles on TI. Temptation Island spoilers reveal she rubs lavender on her hands and says it’s calming. The guys hug her as she reveals she didn’t watch the clip. As a result, she fears the worst. There wasn’t much sound on the clip. This leads her to believe Evan probably took things too far. Then, she says if he cheated, it’s over for them.

Kaci Campbell tells the guys that the girls can record a 30 second message for their boyfriends. Justin Sturm suggests she give him nothing. He says the girls may go back to their buys no matter what. Nicole pushes back and says the girls are not weak and she learned a lot about herself outside of a relationship and is happy to be there on Temptation Island.

John Thurmond Calls Kady Out As Weak – Evan Feels Judged on TI

On Temptation Island, John Thurmond watches Kady  get close to New York City chiropractor Dr Johnny in the bonfire clip. Kady is with Johnny in the hot tub. She lies on top of him. Later, she invites him to her bed. John Thurmond is hurt and calls seeing the footage a punch to the heart and gut. He chastises Kady as “weak”. Next, Evan asks if John considers him weak. John says no, but he and Kady had set rules.

Temptation Island spoilers showed Evan admits he and Kaci Campbell had the same rules. And he broke them. Specifically by allowing Morgan Lolar into his bed. Evan feels bad after hearing the talk about Kady. He basically did the same thing. Evan cares what the guys think of him. Javen suggests the weakness lies in his relationship.

John Thurmond gets unlikely comfort from Hannah Rightmire after bonfire. He tears up as he describes Kady getting frisky on video. Then, Hannah Rightmire hugs him as John Thurmond says he thought they were strong enough to withstand Temptation Island. After seeing Kady and the chiro, he’s not so sure. He plans to spill his heart in his 30 second message. John cries more in his confessional.

So, be sure to tune in to a new episode Tuesday night at 10 pm on USA network to see what’s next for John Thurmond, Hannah Rightmire, and the very devastated Kaci Campbell.

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