‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Evan’s Date Choice Shocks – Shari Wants Answers

Temptation Island spoilers show Evan Smith shocks everyone with his choice for a second date. Evan went on a first date with Brittney Rose. She seems to think that he will choose her again despite a tense start.

There was drama before the date when Katheryn Golden suggestion Morgan Lolar had a crush on him. The girls fought and Morgan denied crushing on Evan. This made Brittney uncomfortable.

Shari Ligons was in tears after seeing footage of Javen Butler admitting he “crossed a line”. Here’s what to expect on Temptation Island season 1, episode 3 “The Epiphany”.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Shari Ligons Devastated by Javen Butler’s On Camera Antics

On the last episode of TI, we saw Shari Ligons in tears after watching video of Javen Butler interacting with the single girls. Katheryn Golden confessed her attraction but Javen moves away and tells her he can’t hold hands. However he later says he messed up and had been drinking. Viewers didn’t see what went down – if anything. But just hearing him admit he did something wrong led Shari to break down in tears.

Temptation Island spoilers for episode 3 “The Epiphany” reveal Shari wants to speak to Javen face to face. Someone leaves a note on a mirror for Javen. The note says “Baby I miss you come find me”. He isn’t sure who left the message. He tells cameras he is enjoying himself on the island. Shari admits seeing footage of him drinking, flirting and having fun is tearing her apart. She wants to face him about his behavior.

Evan Shocks Temptation Island – Chooses Morgan for Second Date

TI spoilers reveal everyone is shocked when Evan Smith selects realtor Morgan Lolar for a date. There was high drama in the guys’ villa between Morgan, Katheryn and Evan. Morgan and Katheryn are best friends. Katheryn led Evan into the confessional the night before first dates. She told Evan that Morgan had a crush on her.

Morgan interrupts and is angry at Katheryn. This went down hours before Evan’s first date with Yogi Brittney Rose. Brittney was uncomfortable with the drama. The date went okay, but was a little tense. The guys will choose second dates on Temptation Island without the girlfriends present. Brittney says that despite the tension she is there to find love. Several of the singles say “Brittney” as Evan gets ready to choose.

Evan Smith Tempted on TI

Jaws drop when he asks Morgan if she will go on a date. Morgan seems shocked and says “plot twist”. Evan reveals that he thinks she doesn’t like him. He hopes to fix things by taking her on the date. Morgan admits they started off in a bad way. Clips show the two enjoying their date. She says there’s been a complete turn of events.

On Temptation Island, Evan’s girlfriend Kaci Campbell thinks Evan is tempted. She tearfully admits she doesn’t want to lose him. In a confessional Evan Smith admits he didn’t think “this was going to happen” according to spoilers.

Temptation Island Spoilers Kady Chooses Wynn

TI spoilers show Kady chooses former pro basketball player Wynn Sarden for date number two. The two had a conversation in the pool. Kady felt comfortable opening up to Wynn. She confided that she prefers a more manly guy. She has concerns about John being able to teach a son manly things.

Wynn also questioned whether she had ever dated a black man before. Kady said she hadn’t but was open. She is eager to continue their conversation. They will go horseback riding with the others on Temptation Island. Kady has admitted to liking outdoor activities. Wynn admits that he’s never ridden a horse before.

She is anxious to see how he handles being in her type of environment. Wynn is open-minded. Kady admits she’s following her heart by choosing Wynn. They opened up to each other in the pool and she wants to explore the connection they had. Tune in Tuesday night at 10 pm to see what happens with Evan Smith and the others on TI.

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