Temptation Island Spoilers – Evan Smith in Middle of Feud Between Two Singles

Temptation Island spoilers show Evan Smith who came with his girlfriend of a decade, Kaci Campbell, will ignite a feud between two singles. Drama is already running high on the island.

The hit show Temptation Island returns tonight on USA network at 10 pm. The show was a smash on FOX in the early 2000’s and is back. The new season features four couples who will travel to Maui, Hawaii. There they will have the opportunity to mingle and “date” from a pool of 24 hot singles trying to find love. Original host Mark L. Walberg returns as host.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Singles are Looking for Love

The singles were considered tempters in the original series Temptation Island, Their role was to try to lure the couples to stray. The focus is a bit different this time around as the singles are also looking for romance. Even if it’s at the cost of breaking up one of the couples. As host Mark L. Walberg told the couples before they separated to spend several weeks apart with the singles : “There is a very real possibility this could be goodbye forever”.

Couples are given the chance to “block” singles who they consider a threat. This means they cannot go on a “date” with that person, but are free to interact with them otherwise. In the premiere episode only one couple blocked singles. Kady Cannon Krambeer blocked lookalike single and southern girl Katheryn Golden. Kady’s boyfriend of three years also blocked a single. Knowing Kady’s got a thing for country boys he blocked self-described southern gentleman Roman Ratliff.

Temptation Island spoilers reveal that tension has already started. Evan Smith  has admitted to being shy to commit to his ten-year girlfriend Kaci Campbell. Evan drinks and flirts with a group of singles and reveals he likes “natural beauties”. This prompts one of the singles to suggest he’d like yoga teacher and LA native Brittney Rose. This rubs DC realtor Morgan Lolar the wrong way. She considers herself a natural beauty as well.

Katheryn Suggests Morgan Has a Crush On Evan Smith and Drama Ignites

Brittney prepares to go on a date with Evan Smith. Katheryn suggests that Morgan has a crush on him. Morgan denies the crush and her and Katheryn who are friends begin to fight. The other women try to calm the fight. There is plenty of swearing and name calling. Evan himself shows up to intervene. He admits Katheryn wanted to talk privately with him because she knew Morgan had a crush. She considered them friends and didn’t want drama on Temptation Island.

Evan Smith reveals to producers he doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama. He admits he has been in these situations before especially in college. Morgan tells her side saying she’s not thirsty. Brittney is uncomfortable now going on the date. The drama has left a bad taste in her mouth about Evan and the other two girls. Time will tell if Evan Smith can withstand temptation and commit to on again off again love Kaci.

Catch the premiere episode of Temptation Island with host Mark L. Walberg tonight Tuesday January 15 at 10 pm.

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