‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: Evan Calls Kaci Manipulative – Confirms Morgan Still Around

Temptation Island spoilers show Evan Smith called Kaci Campbell a manipulator on Instagram and confirmed he’s with Morgan Lolar. But TI fans were angry he ruined the show’s secrets with the two-part finale still weeks away. On Season 1 Episode 9 of Romantic Getaways“, everyone goes on an overnight date off the island.

Kaci Campbell tells Val Osipov that she doesn’t think Evan Smith ever cared about her. Kady Krambeer comes closer to choosing between John Thurmond and Johnny Alexander. Things are definitely heating up on and off the island on the USA reality show.

Temptation Island Spoilers: Evan Smith Calls Kaci Campbell Manipulative – Confirms Morgan Lolar Romance

The Temptation Island two-part finale is still a few weeks away. But Evan Smith was live on Instagram recently spilling tea while drinking wine. In the vid, Evan calls Kaci a manipulator and gushes over his love Morgan Lolar. While boozing and popping sweet tarts, Evan chatted with fans. When asked if he’s breaking the show’s NDA, he casually avoids it. But it’s clear he is definitely still with Morgan Lolar.

Evan told TI fans that Kaci Campbell gave him commitment ultimatums up to the point where they headed off to their respective villas. He claims Kaci Campbell demanded he propose on her birthday. But it looks like Morgan is the one who got him down on one knee. Evan spoke highly of Morgan Lolar saying she’s intelligent and beautiful. Sharp-eyed fans noticed Morgan lurking in the background of Evan Smith’s Instagram live streams. So, there isn’t much doubt he’s with Morgan still.

Weekend Dates On Temptation Island: Val Toasts a Broken Kaci

TI spoilers show the couples go on overnight dates off the island. Karl Collins and Brittney Rose kiss and get massages. Karl says Brittney and Nicole are very different. He calls Britt intellectual and experienced not to mention sensual. He cites Nicole’s young age and calls her bottled up. Brittney says the chemistry between her and Karl is strong. She is growing to adore him.

Other Temptation Island spoilers promise Kaci Campbell chose Val for a date. Stunned and hurt by Evan’s betrayal, Kaci confides to Val that she doesn’t think Evan Smith ever loved her. Then, she says he couldn’t do this to her otherwise. She cries while Val raises a toast to tearful Kaci and tells her she’s beautiful. Kaci later says Evan made the biggest mistake of his life and she hopes it haunt him forever.

Kady Must Choose on Temptation Island – John or Dr Johnny

On Temptation Island Kady and Johnny go on an overnight date. Kady realizes it all ends soon and she has a difficult decision to make. So, she must decide if John is the one for her — or if her future is with Dr Johnny. Kady finds the situation bittersweet. Certainly, Dr Johnny wants a future with Kady. He is afraid he’ll lose everything if she decides to stay with John. Kady says she never had fireworks with John — but with Dr Johnny, she at least has a sparkler.

Temptation Island spoilers also show Nicole Tutewohl on a date with Tyler Sabino. Nicole admits he isn’t her perfect type physically. However, their emotional connection is strong. She says he broke down the walls she put up. Nicole can show Tyler her raw feelings unlike with Karl. See the new TI Tuesday night on USA to see Evan Smith continue to stomp on Kaci Campbell’s heart while getting closer to Morgan Lolar.

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