‘Temptation Island’ Returns October 10 For Season 2 on USA Network- Meet The New Couples

Temptation Island returns for an all new season with new couples Thursday, October 10th on the USA network. Host Mark L. Walberg returns to the steamy reality show which tempts 4 couples with 24 attractive singles on a plush tropical island. Season 1 saw only one couple survive the island intact. The new season promises new couples, new singles and new drama. Here are the four couples that are putting their relationships to the test.

Ashley Howland & Casey Starchak Put Their Relationship to the test on Temptation Island

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak first met with a dating app before appearing on Temptation Island. While Casey admits at the time he was just looking for a fling, he fell hard for Ashley. The Florida couple have now been together for over a year. 25 yr old Ashley is a dental assistant and Casey works in online sales. Casey is 26 and admits to a party boy past. They struggle with commitment and trust issues as Ashley doesn’t trust him. Casey admits he often thinks of the single life he no longer has. Will they be strong enough to make it off of the island together?

Ashley Goldson & Rick Fleur – Can They Stay Together?

On the new season of Temptation Island premiering this October on the USA network, Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur have been a couple the longest. The two admit things were special from the get go. And the sparks have continued to fly for their four years. But there have also been some pretty big ups and downs. Ashley who’s 30 is a store manager and Rick makes a living as a model.

The Boston, Massachusetts-based couple runs into trouble when 32 yr old Rick begins to flirt with girls behind Ashley’s back. She tries to ignore it, but is starting to get fed up. Rick blames his strict upbringing. He claims he has the urge to let loose and have fun. But this comes at Ashley’s expense. They will head to the island to test Rick’s commitment on Temptation Island.

Kate Griffith & Dave Benavidez – Work Rivals Turned Lovers Head to Temptation island

Kate Griffith and Dave Benavidez live in Hoboken, New Jersey. The two met as rival sales people and fell hard for each other. They have lived together for 3 years. While both have been faithful (they claim) to each other, both have cheated in other relationships. Kate at 34 is a few years older and ready to settle down. Dave  who’s 28, admits to having some walls up. And isn’t sure he’s ready to take things to the next level. Will time on the island help heal their past trust issues? Or make it worse?

Esonica Veira & Gavin Rocker will Tempt Fate

Temptation Island features couples who want to stress test their relationships. Former beauty queen Esonica Veira works as a leasing professional. Gavin Rocker is in private security. The Georgia couple are coming to the island for answers. Gavin admits he has cheated before. Esonica is 30  and ready to get engaged to her love Gavin. But Gavin who’s 26 doesn’t want to pay for his past mistakes forever. Can Esonica move past it? And what further temptation will both of them face? Be sure to tune in Thursday, October 10, for the all new season of USA’s Temptation Island at 10 PM on USA network.

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