‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Shari Throws Shade at the Singles Season 1 Episode 1 “Temptation Begins” Premiere

This recap of the return of former Fox hit Temptation Island Season 1 Episode 1 “The Temptation Begins” finds the show on its new network USA. Four couples travel to Maui, Hawaii to put their relationships to the test. Mark L. Walberg returns as host. And no it’s not Marky Mark from the Funky Bunch. It’s another one. The one without an “H” and who hasn’t modeled underwear. He will run interference for all the alcohol soaked hookups and catfights.

Kaci Campbell & Evan Smith Arrive on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island four couples arrive on the island whose relationships are at “a crossroads”. The couples will spend weeks on the island of Maui separated from each other. They’ll live and party with hot members of the opposite sex. Because getting drunk on camera with strangers is a sure-fire way to fix a relationship. Especially since the strangers admit they are there to try to steal your mate for themselves. Yep. This can’t miss.

First on Temptation Island. we meet Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith. They have been together off and on for a decade. Evan is commitment shy. Next is Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins. These two gym rats have been together for 2 1/2 years. Nicole worries that their age gap is problematic. Javen and Shari were high school sweethearts. Shari has issue with the fact that Javen cheated before. So why not put him in a sea of champagne and wannabe Instagram models to strengthen the commitment?

The last couple who came to Temptation Island are John Thurmond and Kady Cannon Krambeer. They met on Bumble and have been together 3 years. We catch up with them clay shooting on a range. Kady is a southern girl who grew up “around cowboys”. She questions John’s masculinity and ability to be a good ole’ boy. He’s not the mold she’s used to. Perhaps she thinks Blake Shelton is waiting for her on the island. Kady packed her daisy dukes just in case.

The Singles Walk The Catwalk

After seeing their respective villas on Temptation Island the couples meet near a pool where tiki torches burn much like the threat of STD’s. Host the other Mark Walberg throws around words like redemption and sacrifice. The couples will  be surrounded by beautiful people and drinks with umbrellas 24/7 while living apart. Evan Smith pounds his chest with glee when told girlfriend Kaci will be in separate living quarters so he can flirt freely.

The couples sit in rows of chairs. Ominous music plays and a waterfall suddenly pours off the roof near the pool. When the water clears the couples gasp and hold hands. The Temptation Island singles are lined up. There is plenty of hair gel and chest puffing on the single guys part. The women are all miles of fake lashes, legs and lycra. Shari throws shade immediately by scoffing she’s not impressed. The single gals giggle at her blatant insecurity. Seriously you can’t deny these girls on Temptation Island are hot.

Each one does an embarrassing little walk out, brief bio and turn back to the group. Some complete with exposed ass cheeks. There is more cheese here than all the stadium nachos on super bowl Sunday. Chiropractor John announces he’s “good with his hands and always has your back”. Kaci smiles and fawns at every woman. But you can tell she’ll be the most likely to go full psycho if Evan strays. Shari hard eye rolls everybody. Her and Javen fight much to the singles delight.

The Couples and Singles are Ready to Mingle on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island the couples reconvene in the morning after a night apart. Today they will have separate cocktail parties with the singletons. John tells host Walberg that he thought the guys acted like ” nervous p*ssies.” Evan is all smiles as soon as Kaci’s out of sight. The drinks flow at the ladies villa. Shari continues with her bad tude. One of the guys asks why she’s even here. She calls him out as aggressive. Kaci is happy that she has a pink umbrella in her drink to gnaw on.

At the guy’s place the token blonde southern girl with the obvious name of Katheryn Golden thinks the guys minds will be blown. And after endless tequila shots minds won’t be the only things blown. John is immediately attracted to Katheryn as she is like a Kady doppelgänger who doesn’t doubt his masculinity. Evan Smith holds hands with Brittney, the token cool Cali girl who teaches Yoga. He tells her plunging into Temptation Island is a lot easier than plunging into marriage.

It’s time for the couples to say goodbye for several weeks. Walberg reminds them it might be forever. He warns that no matter how strong the relationship there is always the danger of “the lightning strike”. Kady and John both choose to block dates . Kady chooses her lookalike Katheryn Golden and John chooses country boy Roman Ratliff. Most of the goodbyes consist of sucking face and calling each other my person. Except for Shari and Javen who fight till the end. Till next week!

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