‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Nicole Dumps Karl – Many Goodbyes on Finale Part 1

The Temptation Island recap finds Nicole Tutewohl saying goodbye to boyfriend Karl Collins. Meanwhile, Kady Krambeer tells John Thurmond he’s an amazing man but he makes her not want to have kids. All the singles left the island amid some tearful and sweet goodbyes. Finally, let’s stoke the coals of the bonfire and see who got burned on part one of the season finale “The Final Bonfire”.

Temptation Island Recap: Singles Skip Out – Time To Get Back to Reality

On Temptation Island, host Mark L Walberg hurriedly shooed the remaining singles out like underage teens at a keg party. The guys’ villa quickly fills with insecurity and tears of side chicks. As Katheryn cries to John, he absentmindedly rubs her back and thinks of Kady. Seems like Karl Collins gets flippant with Brittney Rose and says this could be a “see you later”. Britt claps back for him to go back to his “sh*tty relationship”.

Over at the gals villa on TI, Justin hands out flowers and the vibe is much less clingy. Yes, I mean you — Katheryn, Morgan and Brittney. Val tells Kaci she’s amazing and that he’ll be there for her afterwards. Shari admits she could see herself with Justin with lots in common. But she still loves Javen. Shari realizes her life was stagnant before now. Nicole Tutewohl doesn’t want her time with Tyler to end as it changed her life.

Then, Kady cries about the state of her life and relationships. She never thought she’d find a connection and fears closing any chapter. The ever-smooth Dr Johnny Alexander says he won’t hold anything against her… and is happy to offer a lifetime of free adjustments no matter what. Kaci sulks about growing up with Evan and that she can’t just stop so quick. Once she hears his BS, maybe she’ll run fast. And far.

Karl Collins Tells Nicole He Slept With Brittney – Nicole Tutewohl Leaves The Island Alone

Karl Collins preps for the final bonfire on Temptation Island. He admits he got weak after seeing Nicole’s romp in the sheets with Tyler Sabino. Certainly, Nicole Tutewohl prepares as well. She admits Karl has major trust issues with her. Next, the SUV rolls ominously down the hill. Nicole said her gut tells her she shouldn’t be with Karl. While he sits waiting in front of the bonfire, Nicole arrives looking like a deer in headlights.

Karl Collins gets to speak first. Nicole Tutewohl looks like she’s going to puke. He starts off blaming her (of course) for him sleeping with Brittney. He says it was after her saw Tyler touching her. Next, Nicole admits she was confused. Further, being away from him, she realized she had a wall up. Finally, Karl says he chooses Nicole. Likewise Nicole says she wants to go home with him and figure it out but Mark calls them out.

On Temptation Island Karl asks what’s up and blathers about building foundations. When Nicole tells him she feels like she has a weight on her shoulders, he claps back that’s how it should be. He wants respect. And not for her to float around single. He throws s*it in her face about moving for her and shames her  again for clips with Tyler and bawling her eyes out. Finally Nicole Tutewohl admits she’s leaving solo. Karl Collins is shook.

Kady Tells John He Makes Her Not Want to Have Kids on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, Kady speaks first. She tells John that he’s her best friend and she thinks he is an incredible man. But, she considered it a necessary evil. It’s John’s turn and he falls apart. He says he was embarrassed to see her bed Johnny and was the only guy who didn’t get a video message. Then, he reminds her they looked at rings. And all he wanted to prove was loyalty.

Kady says he’s not the type of man who could lead her children. She has to baby him and pull ambition out of him. So, that makes her not want to have kids. OUCH! With that, we are left til next week. With only Katheryn’s tears to put out the still-burning embers in John’s heart, what will happen?

Now that Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl are done, who’s next? Will Kady and Dr Johnny ride off on a TempurPedic mattress into the sunset? Will Shari decide she’s ready to leave high school rules behind? And will Kaci say “hi babers” again? Til next week!

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