‘Temptation Island’ Recap Karl Collins Sleeps with Brittney Rose – Season 1 Episode 9 “Weekend Getaways”

This Temptation Island recap finds Karl Collins unable to resist Brittney Rose. A guilt tripped Karl Collins reveals to producers that he slept with the LA Yogi and isn’t proud of it. He and GF Nicole Tutewohl came to TI with specific rules. For sure no kissing or sex. It appears Nicole has broken at least the kissing part of the rules. Kaci Campbell spends her date with Val Osipov talking about Evan Smith. And that he tossed her aside for Morgan Lolar. Let’s head into the slippery mess that was season 1 episode 9 “Weekend Getaways.”

Temptation Island Recap: Kaci Campbell Embarrassed After Evan Calls Morgan His Girlfriend on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island, viewers watch as Kaci Campbell cries to the girls as the black Escalade of doom barrels down the Maui hillside. Certainly she’s devastated after seeing a love struck Evan Morgan toss a tangerine while saying Morgan is now his girlfriend. Shari Ligons makes a good point. In short that Evan is the one who should be embarrassed. Evan is acting like a horny high school boy.

Kaci Campbell tells the girls she shouldn’t have come here to TI. They had a life! And dogs! And dammit her birthday is the next week! What was he thinking? Obviously not about dogs or birthdays. But rather, boozy trysts with a willing chick who certainly played her bikini clad cards right. From that first night when she said she didn’t like him. Because that to Evan was game on. Let’s hope Kaci gets the dogs.

The Couples Pick Overnight Dates – And The Remaining Singles Go Home

On Temptation Island the guys discuss what’s gone down so far. (Pun Intended). Evan stares blankly dreaming of his next protein shake. John Thurmond gives Javen Butler a compliment. He thinks Javen is the man for staying faithful. Above all he was a little surprised. Especially after they got off to a rocky start. Javen spells it out. He loves Shari. And his experience on the island was terrific.

TI host Mark L. Walberg arrives with some news. The guys will pick their overnight dates from the dwindling pool of singles. Evan chooses Morgan. Yawn. John chooses Katheryn Golden. He tosses the beads off her neck. The beads were a block from girlfriend Kady Krambeer. Apparently Katheryn is blocked no more. Javen picks Kayla. Karl Collins picks Brittney Rose. As a result the rest are sent packing.

On Temptation Island the gals are up next. Kaci is up first and chooses fun dude Val Osipov. Good choice. Shari picks Justin for her overnight date. Of course Nicole picks Tyler Sabino. Sleepover buddy and confidant. Kady chooses Dr. Johnny Alexander. No surprises here. The three leftover guys skulk off knowing the party’s over.

Evan Smith Makes Plans For the Future With Morgan On TI

On Temptation Island Kaci and Val pose “Titanic” style on a boat and sip Tequila Sunrise drinks. Kaci asks Val what everyone thinks of Evan. Val admits that scumbag was the word most used to describe him. He does another cannonball off the side of the boat. At this point fruity drinks and acrobatics are doing no good. Because she needs the bottle of tequila, salt, limes and a good ugly cry.

On another boat bobbing in the sea Evan sports another bad floral shirt. He gushes to Morgan that she is it! He can’t wait to come to DC and meet her family. There’s just that pesky little problem back on land. That being his girlfriend of 9 years who he hasn’t officially broken up with yet. They snorkel and even the sea turtle they glide over wretches a little.

On Temptation Island Evan continues to prove to viewers why scumbag is actually too kind of a term for him. He disses Kaci for being on a timeline. Of course she wants to settle down and have a family by 30. Because she’s got that ticking clock. He praises Morgan. She’s much more laid back with no timeline. That turns him on. Maybe because Kaci has spent 9 years putting up with his arrogant ass. However Morgan has frolicked in a bikini without the responsibility of real life and dogs . Come on bruh.

Katheryn Kisses A Dolphin – Justin Wants More Than the Friend Zone

This Temptation Island recap reports John and Katheryn arrive to their villa. First up is swimming with dolphins. Katheryn squeals with delight as dolphins are her “favorite mammal”. Katheryn stars in her own personal rom-com in her head. Meanwhile John does asides. Of course all he talks about is Kady. For instance he can’t wait to call her out on her sh*t. Katheryn gets the dolphin to squeal and spray water. She even shares a kiss with the dolphin.

The dolphin is getting much more action than Justin. He and Shari do yoga. Then the Yoga teacher asks Shari to pull a card from a deck called “the power of love”. Justin is a good sport. Shari remarks that the card sums her up. She’s leaving the island with confidence and enjoys Justin’s company. But at an arm’s length. Justin doesn’t pick a card. Because he knows it will say: “dude you’re in the friend zone”.

Javen Tells Kayla He Loves Shari on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island Javen and Kayla take a helicopter ride. Javen wishes Shari could be there. Ultimately his time on the island has made him sure that Shari is his true love. Later Kayla asks him over dinner how he’s feeling. As a result of his experience he says at the end of the day he loves his “baby girl”. A collective awwww echoes from living rooms across America.

On TI Nicole and Tyler continue to bond.  Tyler is sure that he gives Nicole “comfortability”. Nicole admits she wants him in her life. He certainly has helped her grow. Tyler patiently just asks for more time. He’ll support Nicole regardless of the outcome. Later the two kiss and head to the bedroom. But viewers will have to wait to see if things went any further.

Brittney Rose Turns Up The Heat With Karl Collins – Kady Struggles With Her Decision

On Temptation Island Kady and Johnny roast marshmallows. Kady reveals she likes her marshmallows burned into a gooey hot mess. Much like her relationship. Johnny is ever hopeful. As a result he asks her how she’s feeling. Because their time together is coming to an end. Kady really just wants to go home and rekindle with her dog. Then Johnny asks about her man. Oh him! Kady brushes him off as an after thought. And seems a little aggravated that he asked.

Brittney Rose is in full predator mode. She says Karl Collins is showing many layers and she wants to eat him up. Karl is into her but you can sense his hesitation. After all he does have a girlfriend. Who he admits he is still thinking about. But he knows it will be hard to shut Brittney down. After asking her what she wants to do Karl Collins caves. And we see Brittney Rose finally getting into his bedroom as he closes the doors.

On Temptation Island Katheryn and John enjoy a candle lit dinner. John claims he’s never had his heart jump so fast from one person to another. Probably because it’s not your heart John but another organ. John talks about moving Kady out and Katheryn in. But his gritted teeth tell another story. And it’s that John is still hung up on Kady. Sorry about your luck Katheryn. Because your dolphin filled rom-com may not end well.

Temptation Island – The Morning After

It’s the morning after the overnight dates on Temptation Island. Brittney Rose emerges while Karl Collins fidgets on the couch. Brittney slinks in and asks how he’s feeling. And he says he’s hungry. That is for breakfast. Just to clarify. He also says he’s guilt tripping himself. Because he and Nicole had set rules that he now broke. He looks miserable as they ride back to the villa.

Johnny and Kady wake up in bed on TI. But it’s unclear what happened overnight. Even so Kady admits she’s sad things are over. However she admits she still loves John. Right now she’s clearly confused. John Thurmond and Katheryn eat breakfast. John admits there was intimacy between them. Katheryn cries because she thinks John is a giant Teddy Bear and Kady is mean to him. As a result she’s bothered that he could go back to her.

On Temptation Island Everyone chills at the guys villa. Mark L. Walberg pops in with some business. And that is that the girls have to leave the villa NOW. Morgan utters a vapid whaaaa? Evan grabs her up and tries to reassure her. In the biggest buzz kill ever Mark tells everyone to say goodbye. And to remember it could be goodbye forever. Till next week! Tune into the two-part finale on Tuesday at 10pm on USA!

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