‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Kaci Campbell Blindsided After Watching Evan Smith Call Morgan Lolar His Girlfriend

This Temptation Island recap starts with Evan Smith confiding in Morgan Lolar after watching girlfriend Kaci Campbell‘s 30 second clip. Nicole Tutewohl admits she was against coming to the island with Karl Collins. But she now thinks she’s learned the most. Kaci Campbell is still in denial over Evan and Morgan. She didn’t watch a clip or receive a message. John Thurmond is heartbroken over Kady Krambeer not sending a message. Brittney Rose straight up calls her a di*k. As host Mark L. Walberg says it’s a lot. Let’s break down season 1 episode 8 “The Beginning of the End”

Temptation Island Recap: Evan Smith Feels Like a Monster

On Temptation Island Evan Smith has just watched his long time girlfriend cry and proclaim her love for him. Evan tells Morgan Lolar he feels like a monster. Most likely he means a two-headed monster. Evan has used his time on the island to refine his biceps, drink and hook up with Morgan Lolar. He wasted no time in his pursuit of the D.C. realtor. She is velcro always clinging to him. Morgan’s wardrobe consists of bikinis and more bikinis.

This Temptation Island recap reports these two are in early stage lust. Evan Smith babbles about hurting the people he loves and living a blessed and cursed life. Morgan Lolar hangs on like a puppy and assures him he’s not a monster. Their shared mantra is “no one expected this”. Expected what? That a valley dude frat boy wouldn’t want to hook up with a bikini clad hottie in an alcohol fueled tropical paradise? Come on this guy finishes every sentence with bruh, man or dude. We aren’t dealing with much expectation of humility .

Nicole’s Feeling Herself – Brittney Rose outs Kady Krambeer as a Jerk

Back at the girls villa on Temptation Island they discuss video messages. Except for Kaci Campbell. Because she didn’t get one from Evan Smith. Probably because he was doing push ups while Morgan Lolar counted and did cheers. Nicole admits she was hesitant to come to the island. But now she realizes she’s banging in every way. And that Karl needs to step up his game. Shari is pleased with her message from Javen. Kaci Campbell pouts and calls Evan Smith impulsive. But still doesn’t think he did the deed. Girl. You got to loosen that pony tail.

The Temptation Island recap shows John chills on a bed with Brittney Rose. Britt has been brutally honest in her assessment of John’s girlfriend Kady so far. Certainly she’s not stopping now. She candidly calls out Kady as a d*ck. For constantly belittling John and not bothering to send a video message. John is still reeling from Kady’s trysts with Dr. Johnny Alexander. On the upside her diss and hook ups have given him his you can cheat free card which he plans to use on Katheryn Golden.

Back at the girls villa on TI the cocktails flow. Carlos Chavez lightens the mood with a cannonball. Val Osipov, resident fun guy who everybody loves but won’t hook up with takes it one step further. He goes full commando for a backwards nude cannonball. The girls crack smiles but his cheeky splash is wasted. These 4 don’t get too excited about much. Good try Val. It’s a 10 from me for effort and to break up the snooze fest that’s the girls villa.

Kady Shook Over John’s Tears – The Guys Have A Scavenger Hunt

On Temptation Island the splash of Val’s literal cannonball still lingers. Somebody hopefully calls out dare. Kady takes a break from nursing her Prosecco and says she needs space. The other follow her away from the pool where the guys visions of fun sink like stones. Kady is not in a good “head space”. An idea for the guys: do shots every time one of them uses the word “head space”. No one will be left standing.

Kady sobs that she feels selfish and guilty. She never pictured herself as a cheater. Or someone that’s already playing her second dude on the island. Remember Wynn who could “rock your world”. The girls comfort her while she says it hurts to see John cry. But she is tempted by Dr. Johnny or does he just have really good tattoos? Nicole tells her she’s here to figure her own sh*t out. And Shari makes a Dr. Phil-esque speech. Lots of psycho-babble going on at the girls villa.

Back at the guys villa on TI things are much more fun. Everyone pairs up for a scavenger hunt. The hunt includes doing shots, lap dances, cross dressing and catching live toads to hand off. No toad is safe. Javen gets false lashes. Morgan Lolar finally puts a t-shirt on to give a lame lap dance. John and Hannah slay the hunt and John feels a little manlier as a result. Val dude you’re in the wrong villa, the party’s over here.

Temptation Island Recap: Triple Elimination Time

On Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg arrives with some news. The guys will have to choose 4 singles to go home. But one can stay. The guys rightly choose Jeffri Lauren, Allie DiMeco, Lindsay Jones and Kayla Essex. Lindsay, who had a shorter shelf life on the island besides open milk gets sent packing. Allie and Jeffri too must go. Kayla gets to stay although she looks a little confused about why.

The girls get ready for their elimination on Temptation Island. The chosen 4 are James L.A. Thompson, Wynn “Rock Your World” Sarden, Jack Allen and Carlos Chavez. Jack wins the prize of getting to stay if at this point you could call it that. Carlos wonders if his cannonball had been nude if he wouldn’t be cut. Wynn bums HARD. He leaves with a trail of words like manipulation and toxic energy. But he wishes Kady-tease all the best.

Tangerine Toss – Evan Smith Calls Morgan Lolar His Girlfriend on Temptation Island

On Temptation Island the guys make up a game that involves tossing a tangerine. The person who launches the citrus has to say something nice about the person who catches it. Kayla catches Javen’s toss. He fawns over her being a nice and genuine person. Evan ends up with the tangerine. And then the rules go out the window much like his relationship. Morgan asks his intentions of her. This prompts Evan to blab on about how she has changed everything and he is gushing over her.

Evan Smith drops an even bigger tangerine bomb according to this Temptation Island recap. He says he asked her to be his girlfriend last night! The others oooh and ahhh. Javen and Karl exchange a sideways glance that screams DUDE! WTF YOU DOIN! YOUR GIRL STILL ON THIS ISLAND! Morgan Lolar glows and fawns over him. She does admit to some confusion in an aside as to who will leave with him? Her or his real girlfriend? How does that even work?

 Karl is Hungry: Britt Offers Up a Snack – Tyler Needs A Drink

At the Temptation Island Villa’s the sun sinks like so many inhibitions. The gals play charades. Nicole and Tyler snuggle and she asks him to sleep over. Tyler agrees but needs a drink as do we at this point. Brittney and Karl throw health rules to the wind and shed bathing suits in the hot tub. Later she crawls on top of him and he says he’s hungry. Britt asks if he’d like her to sit on his face. If this isn’t in Nicole’s viewing clip then there is no reality God.

Kaci Campbell is still crying to anyone who will listen. She feels judged but doesn’t really know what happened but kinda does and yada yada yada. Johnny tries to ease Kady’s guilt. It’s really not bad to publicly humiliate your man on TV! This is about her! And Dr. Johnny can fix more than crooked spines. John and Katheryn hit the pool for a make out sesh. John admits he’s letting his guard down. He even allows Katheryn in to his bed.

Final Bonfire With Video – Kaci Campbell is Stunned

On Temptation Island Kaci’s terrified on the way to bonfire. She goes first and watches in private. She sees Evan happily juggling a tangerine and saying Morgan Lolar is his new girlfriend! She’s a game changer! Kaci who? She says she’s numb and tells the rest he’s leaving her for another girl. Nicole is treated only to her BF and Brittney nakey in the hot tub. She calls  Brittney “yogi” and says it’s gross. She doesn’t think Karl’s evolving like her and maybe not ready for love with her.

Kady watches John try hard to make her jealous by making out with Katheryn. She says it hurts but gets why he did it. Shari sees Javen having fun with fake lashes. She’s happy to see his goofy side and it’s all good. The girls leave and attempt to comfort Kaci Campbell who says she feels bad for Morgan Lolar. Karl is up first at the bonfire on TI. He sees Nicole ask Tyler to sleep over and crawl under the covers with her. He wonders whether it’s too late to take Britt up on that snack offer.

On Temptation Island John sees Kady and the Doc suck face for the tenth time. Nothing new here and now they are even Steven. Javen sees Shari having a moderate amount of fun. She now realizes it’s ok to speak to the opposite sex. You just can’t have them in your phone. Evan watches a shaky Kaci admit she’s worried he’s hooked up. Evan says he should’ve sent a message earlier telling her he dumped her ass for a person he’s known for two weeks. Till next time!

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