‘Temptation Island’: KB Brown Sent Packing After Poolside Rage – ‘She Didn’t Say I Love You’ Recap

This week’s Temptation Island show’s KB Brown raging at Ashley Goldson and getting the boot as a result. Casey Starchak spent most of the episode in tears while his girlfriend Ashley Howland has “no regrets”. David Benavidez still doesn’t seem to know which end is up (unless it’s Toneata Morgan’s). Gavin Rocker refrains from toe sucking while Esonica Veira questions all the possibilities. Singleton Medinah Ali isn’t giving up on Rick Fleur even though he disses her to comfort a sad Casey poolside. Put on your sunscreen, grab a White Claw, and let’s check in to the island.

Casey Gets Burned At Bonfire on Temptation Island

This episode She Didn’t Say I Love You picks up with Casey seeing his girl Ashley Howland giddy with her single crush Ben. He throws a tantrum while host Mark L Walberg tries hard to mask his delight at the sheer torture of it all. Casey admits this is serious. Like when you go to the bar and they are out of your favorite IPA serious. Because it wasn’t just a drunken hook up. But a kiss in broad daylight.

On Temptation Island, it’s the girls turn to gather round the fire and see what their guys have been up to. Ashley Howland is all smiles and Mark can’t wait to hear about her luuuurrrv connection. Especially because it made Casey cry. She tells him that Ben makes her feel beautiful. She hasn’t felt this way since the 8th grade Sadie Hawkins dance when her crush said yes. And she certainly hasn’t ever been kissed like that since that homecoming night under the bleachers.

So, it’s a little weird when her clip plays that it’s Payton Burgess telling how Ashley how sorry she is for her. And that she hopes she’s found someone to be with. Check. Because Casey is a big jerk and he isn’t that person. This is such nonsense. Because he didn’t want to get with Payton the producer’s allow her to make up some ish? Shame on you Temptation Island. We get that all reality shows do a little flubbing of the truth. But, this is just a jealous girl hurling sh*t that has nothing to do with anything.

Kate Griffith is so Over it All on Temptation Island

The rest of the bonfire is kind of a bore. Kate goes next to see BF David Benavidez fresh off his threesome digging in a totally separate girl’s bikini bottom and telling her he will “like totally move to LA with her”. Sigh. Poor Kate. She looks like she just wants to leave Temptation Island and curl up with her cat, a glass of Prosecco and watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Not watch the man she’s wasted a year and a half on feel up Malibu Barbie.

On Temptation Island, host Mark has to think about baseball as he’s getting a little too excited over the scene. Next up, Esonica Veira sees Gavin being Gavin. Spouting off things to a random single like you are my new favorite. Meanwhile who even is that girl? I think she’s part of the crew. The cool as a cucumber Esonica who’s so above all this foolery and knows it just shrugs it off. At least he didn’t have feet in his mouth.

Last but not least Ashley G sees Medinah Lee in her shameless pursuit of Rick. She’s got the art of stalking him down to perfection. Conveniently plopping down wherever he hides and embedding a tracking microchip in his arm while he slept. She tells him he’s amaaaazing. Ashley G gives a hard eye roll. She doesn’t like Medinah but is still doing damage control from banging KB Brown nightly until KB threw her squarely into the friend zone on Temptation Island.

KB Brown Loses His Cool By The Pool

On Temptation Island, everyone heads back to the villas to recover from bonfire. This involves getting drunk and using words like growth and personal journey. The girls tell Ash Howland to take Payton’s message seriously. Meanwhile this is the least of her concerns as she’s ga-ga over Ben. And upstairs, Deac Conti is going total creep mode on her by scattering flowers all over her room and writing her a love note with a black sharpie.

At Deac’s urging, Ash goes to the her room. While she hugs him and says thanks she really can’t wait to take Ben up to the bedroom. Deac gets all aggressive after she does and says she’s “dead to him”. Dude. Chill the hell out – you’re scaring us. Deac continues his tantrum outside to Ash G, KB Brown and some others. Ash G asks what he expected. He says “company”. When she questions him further, KB starts popping off.

On Temptation Island Ash and Ben return and KB Brown’s losing it. KB tells Ashley to watch her “f*cking mouth” and the way she talks to him. Dude is in a rage. Then, KB Brown gets personal saying being with her was a struggle. And she claps back that KB was in her bed every night. He says not because he wanted to be. She tells him Rick’s dick “is still bigger and better” and KB tells her to “take off her wig”. Now, this my friends, is bonfire worthy trash talk.

Three Singles Get The Boot On Temptation Island

Mark L Walberg gets to dish more drama by telling the gals it’s time to get rid of some dead weight. In a real shocker (not) they decide that KB Brown and Deac are on the chopping block. Ashley G delivers a quick speech to KB about highs and lows before cutting to the chase – bro’s gotta go. Ashley cries to Deac about not being bitter, but is secretly glad she can take the padlock off her door. Deac says it’s cool. And KB Brown gives Ashley a well deserved apology. Good riddance.

On Temptation Island, the guys have a quick pow wow to decide who to boot. David is rambling on and making no sense. That man-bun elastic is cutting off circulation. They choose Samantha Hoffman. Of course they do. Because she can take them or leave them and sees right through their sorry ass*s. Samantha gets the last word and tells them she will go gladly and find herself a real man who doesn’t cry after threesomes.

Ain’t No Party Like A Black & White Party

On Temptation Island, the guys decide to throw a “black and white” party complete with photo shoot. In other words – get everybody dressed in those two shades, get them drunk and take lots of pics of T&A. Casey, who has devoted this episode to crying on various lounges feels good enough to flex and get champagne squirted on his a*s. The girls mock David for having a braid fetish. As Toneata now rocks braids just like Sam did before he sent her packing.

Medinah is still desperately trying to get on Rick’s jock. He slams her as being extra and selfish. Since he just wanted to console Casey and drink apple juice instead of jumping into bed with her. She says she’s used to getting what she wants. They argue but it ends up in a hug and he says he wants to make love to her and not treat her like a hoe. He admits in an aside that maybe he’s the one with the issues on Temptation Island.

The Couples Send Video Messages

This extended episode of Temptation Island ends with the couples watching 30 second video messages they sent to each other. Everyone at least got a message. Unlike last season when super douche Evan Smith ghosted his girlfriend of 10 YEARS with not even a hello. The messages were as boring as the girl’s villa. With only Casey showing any real emotion as he realizes that his girl is moving all the way on from him.

Ash G watches Rick tell her he loves her and will see her at the final bonfire. He says he’s no longer a boy but a man. She tells him she loves him and needs to focus. But he feels she seems a little off and the message had no heart. David says he’s growing every day on the island. Which isn’t a lie but that’s not the part of him that Kate wanted to see grow while surrounded by other women. Kate delivers a deadpan message “I’ve carried myself with dignity wish I could say the same for you”. Burn.

On Temptation Island, Esonica’s mesage to Gavin is that she will always love him. But sees other possibilities. Gavin says he’s going to make her proud and misses her and loves her. Casey’s video to Ashley is a blubber fest about wanting to marry her. Ashley tells Casey in her video that she’s happy finally and has no regrets. Casey wails again “she didn’t say I love you”! Till next week kids. Hang in there – but know it’s too late for Kalaan Brown (AKA KB Brown). The show airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on USA network.

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