‘Temptation Island’: Kaci Campbell Tortured By Evan-Morgan Kiss – Season 1 Episode 4 “Rock My World” Recap

This Temptation Island recap saw Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar admit to having feelings and sharing a passionate kiss. Kaci Campbell watched the clip at the bonfire and began to sob. She feels tortured. Meanwhile, two singles are sent home.

The girls traded country boy Roman Ratliff for newcomer Cameron Sikes. The guys said goodbye to Cathlene Cheung and welcomed new girl Lindsay Jones. Lets check out what happened on TI Season 1 Episode 4 “Rock My World”.

Couples Trade Out Two Singles On Temptation Island

On TI, the guys and girls hung out at their villas. Things continued to heat up between Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar. Evan was worried because he admitted he’s got a thing for her. The two hang out in the hot tub. Morgan admitted she didn’t want Evan to choose any other girls for dates. Wynn Sarden and Kady Krambeer shared a toast and admitted he’s really catching feelings for Kady.

On Temptation Island, host Mark L. Walberg had a surprise in store. He introduced two new singles to the packs. Cameron Sikes arrived on the island to shake things up. The guys snickered and called him a cornball. But the ladies liked him. After a quick huddle, the gals decided to keep him around. They sent country boy Roman Ratliff packing. The guys weren’t too happy. They toast to Roman and got some digs in to newbie Cameron.

The guys met potential new single Lindsay Jones. They too decided to trade a current single. Host Walberg told Cathlene Cheung that she’ll be leaving the island. Meanwhile, Lindsay received a warmer welcome from the ladies, but Morgan Lolar isn’t feeling it. Evan and Lindsay looked like they knew each other. She admitted they once matched on a dating site and that she’s seen him out in L.A. Morgan’s uncomfortable with the new competition.

Kady Confuses Carlos – Karl Doesn’t Feel a Spark with Jeffri – Round 3 Dates on TI

On Temptation Island, the couples get ready for date number 3. The couples explored the beach, went snorkeling, and then to a pineapple farm. Carlos Chavez went on a date with Kady Krambeer. He’s really into her and she told him it’s mutual. Later at the house, Carlos became confused when Kady flirted with Wynn. She told Wynn he’s the only guy that could “rock her world”.

Kaci revealed to date Val Osipov that she had no idea how hard being on the island with boyfriend Evan was. Karl didn’t feel a spark with date Jeffri. John Thurmond had fun with his date Tara Oslick. Javen and Allie had fun on a snorkeling date. Evan and Morgan continued to grow closer. Evan was surprised to find himself in this place but can’t deny his feelings for Morgan.

Back at the guys’ villa, the girls wanted to play a sorority initiation game. Javen and Karl were pretty cautious. Evan agreed to do a body shot off of Morgan. John had fun licking peanut butter off one of the girls. He says it’s harmless.

On Temptation Island Evan and Morgan talked alone. She revealed that she’s into him and doesn’t want to just be a friend. Evan admitted he’s into it too. He told her she’s “something else”. The two shared a passionate kiss. At the girls’ villa, Tyler talked to Nicole, wanting to know why Karl doesn’t trust her. She thought it’s because of their age difference.

Kaci Breaks Down at The Bonfire After Seeing Evan Kiss Morgan On Temptation Island

It’s time for the guys to watch TI clips of the girls and it turned into TMI. We started with Evan Smith, who saw Kaci tell Val she had no idea what she got herself into. Evan agreed. He still loves Kaci but isn’t going to give up on Morgan. Javen saw a bunch of the guys questioning whether he’s good enough for Shari. He tossed them off as jealous.

Karl saw Nicole opening up to Tyler. He really misses her and just wants to make sure she’s okay. John saw Kady in the pool on Temptation Island. telling Wynn he could “rock her world”. He felt hurt but admitted he did “lick peanut butter off another girl’s boobs.” Host Walberg told him the two things are very different in terms of intimacy. John hoped Kady can resist temptation so they can work things out.

The girls gather for their bonfire. Kaci is nervous and hers was the only clip viewers saw. Everyone was stunned when Evan and Morgan admitted feelings and kiss. Kaci began to cry and says she felt tortured. The other girls comfort her. Fans will have to wait till next week to see the other clips as things are definitely getting hotter on Temptation Island! Tune in every Tuesday at 10pm on USA network.

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