‘Temptation Island’: Gavin Rocker Get Weird in the Hot Tub – Freaky Night at Guy’s Villa [Recap]

Temptation Island season 2 is going in hard — literally. Gavin Rocker sucks toes and there’s a three-way after a blackout glow party at the guys villa. But, things were more PG at the girls villa with KB Brown and Ashley Goldson being the only ones between the sheets on the USA show.

The Temptation Island couples went on dates and some of the singles seem confused. Payton Burgess cried over Casey Starchak. Medinah Ali has Rick Fleur on lockdown already. So, grab a shot and a glow necklace and let’s join all the slippery, slimy fun of episode four Something’s In The Air. It sure is.

David Benavidez Makes Kate Griffith Want To Puke – She Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet on Temptation Island

We pick up with the last bonfire. Kate Griffith has just seen her boyfriend of three years, David Benavidez, romp in the hot tub with Toneata Morgan. Then, she tells host Mark L Walberg it’s disrespect. She can see what Toneata sits on. At least it’s not his face. Yet… Ashley Howland’s up and sees Casey naked in an apron. And then holding hands with someone. The holding hands breaks the rules, to her.

On this Temptation Island bonfire, Mark suggests she’s not the same fragile girl who broke down at the first bonfire about a lame-o lap dance. And he likes that. She deserves more than someone freeballing around a kitchen. Back at the villa, Kate dashes to puke. The two Ashleys console her. She reads and rips a letter from David. Girl ain’t seen nothing yet. Better have a stretcher and Xanax ready for later.

Then, everyone sits around watching Kate cry. Ashley G rightly calls out that she’s sad too. But feels bad for the guys who came to this pity party. Kate says she feels attacked. That she’s dating a douche bag and has the right to cry. A couple of the guys joke. That triggers KB who jumps up and barks like the big dawg here and makes no sense. The guys apologize and Kate’s still crying on Temptation Island.

Somebody Needs to Check The Singles

Over at the guys villa on Temptation Island, there’s more confusion. Payton Burgess thinks her one “date” with Casey means they’re together. Excuse me, but he’s got a girlfriend. Just because you drunkenly grinded him doesn’t mean you’re steady. Later, Casey hangs with Payton then decides to ask Rachel Hamel on a date. Payton cries to producers that she feels slapped in the face. Girl, check yourself.

Medinah Ali has her claws in Rick Fleur. She circles like a hawk as he talks to Samantha Hoffman. Rick asks Samantha out. Later, Medinah grills him like a jealous wife as they make the bed. Medinah tries to climb on Rick but he’s slippery and pushes her away. He says she’s challenging to him and that’s why he asked Sam out. Gavin Rocker asks Medinah on a date but admits she wishes it was Rick not Gavin.

The guys go parasailing on their Temptation Island dates. Not much happens because of sobriety. David and Toneata Morgan make awkward small talk about feeling like they’ve “known each other for years”. And Medinah complains she’s not with Rick. After, Casey’s asked if he had more fun with Rachel than Payton. So, Payton calls him out for hurting her feelings. News flash – not your boyfriend.

Ashley H In Temptation Island Love Triangle

After the KB blow up, everybody scattered with a beverage to avoid the bark of big dog. Ashley H relishes Ben Knobloch and Deac Conti both drooling over her. Even worse, they’re in a bromance. Ashley’s loving the attention and tells them Casey acted like a “frat guy” on the tape. Deac pipes in that he’s always hated “frat kids”. I guess his Kindergarten had a Greek system?

She ends up asking Ben to go on a Temptation Island date. Deac jokes but isn’t happy. She describes them as a “love triangle”. And doesn’t include Casey in the geometry. Dominique Price is all over Kate and says he’s there for love. And he wants a woman like her. She delicately tells him she’s not down because of what she saw at bonfire. Hang in there Dom, David’s about to make it easier for you.

Then, the girls go kayaking and again it’s just BS and a*s-kissing. Kareem Thomas tells Esonica Veira she shouldn’t accept Gavin Rocker’s lack of compliments. Ashley G pouts. So, KB comes to talk and we know what happens next. He says “feel that thang girl” – and she does. Next day, she tries to cuff him talking about leaving Temptation Island together, he shuts her down. Ouch. She storms off saying she ‘s been BS’d.

Gavin Rocker Gets Some Freaky Toe Action at The Guy’s Villa

It’s almost the end of this Temptation Island episode. There’s been some salty tears and trash talk but really not much went down. TI : hold my beer. David is chatting with Casey about things changing. Yup. They sure are. Later, the guys and single girls throw a glow fest. Shots flow and everyone’s decked out in neon. First, it looks like rich kids doing E while their parents are out-of-town.

Then, the party moves out to the hot tub area. Gavin Rocker says the whole thing smells like sex. Or in his case, feet. Because he’s noshing on Payton’s toes in no time. The other girls freak out. Toneata drifts aimlessly amid the toe sucking but takes it all in with a pageant girl’s smiling face. Medinah and Rick make out. And David and Samantha go change into swimsuits on Temptation Island.

Inside, things take a wild turn. Sam does a panny drop and David says he saw “everything”. But she found more to show more. Before you can drop the soap, they’re in a shower naked. David says he couldn’t stop. They hear Payton and ask her to join them. The trio ends up sharing sheets in grainy rated R for dodgy TV footage. So, this episode fades with cries of David and the Lord’s name. Till next time friends.

Tune in Thursday nights at 10 PM on USA for more of this mess and o see if Gavin Rocker picked up athlete’s foot of the tongue.

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