‘Temptation Island’: Gavin Rocker Appeared on Court Show Under Different Name

Temptation Island cast member Gavin Rocker appeared on a reality court TV show under a different name. Gavin is on the USA reality show Temptation Island with girlfriend Esonica Veira. Now, it appears Gavin has acting ambitions and this isn’t his first reality show or Television experience. Temptation Island airs Thursday nights at 10 PM on the USA network.

Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira Test Their Relationship

Current Temptation Island star Gavin Rocker and his girl Esonica Veira are one of four couples on the USA show who came to test their commitment. The couples are split up for weeks and live in separate villas with singles sent to tempt them to stray.  The couple have been together a little over a year and live in Decatur, Georgia. Esonica wants a long-term commitment, but Gavin is dragging his feet.

Things have been pretty tame so far for the Temptation Island couple. Their bio states they came on the show to see if their love can “make it to the finish line”. It also describes Esonica as a former beauty pageant queen”. And Gavin as “charming and athletic”. Esonica’s job is “leasing professional”. Gavin’s shows “private security”. On the island, things have been pretty tame for Gavin and Esonica. With the exception of him sucking on a single’s toes in the hot tub after a party.

Temptation Island Celeb Gavin Rocker Appeared on Reality Court Show with a Different Name

Temptation Island fans were surprised to see Gavin Rocker appearing on the show “Personal Injury Court”. The episode that aired Friday 11/08/19, featured Gavin played the defendant using the name Aaron Clarke. He was representing Luxe Days Resort and Spa. A couple (The Rathmells) were suing the resort for two hundred forty-five thousand dollars in a personal injury lawsuit. Mr. Rathmell claimed he was injured when he jumped in front of a large beach umbrella that was blowing wild on the beach.

Temptation Island‘s Gavin Rocker plays the part of a man named Aaron Clarke and says he started working at the Luxe Days Resort when he was in college as a bell hop. He is still employed ten years later as manager. It’s unclear what beach the resort is located on. The couple claims winds suddenly kicked up on the beach and the airborne umbrella struck the husband’s back as he protected his wife. The blow knocked the man out. The couple say it took forever to get help.

One clue that the story if fake is that Gavin Rocker went to Western Kentucky University. In fact he was the Captain of the university’s football team. So, so he could not have also worked at a beach resort while in college. WKU is in Bowling Green Kentucky which is far removed from the closest beach.

Temptation Island’s Gavin Rocker playing the defendant, says the couple were warned about an incoming storm bringing high winds to the beach. He also provided security footage showing staff moving things inside off the beach. And Gavin/Aaron claims that security spoke to the couple and they refused to leave. Of course, the couple dispute that there was any sense of urgency in the warning.

Is Gavin Rocker A Professional Actor?

Temptation Island viewers are left to wonder if Gavin is a professional actor. An IMDB listing shows Gavin appeared in a 2018 short film called “Trait”. Another site that list acting roles shows that Gavin Rocker was in an NFL commercial and lists his acting role of Aaron Clarke on “Personal Injury Court”. It also shows his current role on Temptation Island as himself and shows him as a stunt double on a film called “Safety”.

Another clue that Gavin has the acting but, is that he has several professional headshots on acting sites.

On the current season of Temptation Island, Gavin comes off as an ordinary guy who just happens to be on reality TV with his girlfriend. But it didn’t take long for fans to see him on another reality show playing a role. Is Gavin frauding fans by appearing on the show to further his acting career? Or are him and Esonica Veira, his girlfriend, really trying to work on their relationship?

Be sure to catch Temptation Island Thursday nights on USA network.

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